Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uncle Charlie's Pizza

Uncle Charlie made pizza for us this weekend while I was making the pumpkin cupcakes. It's his specialty and he takes great pride in the dough. He's tried a ton of different recipes.

The dough hook does most of the work for him.

But E. gets a kick out of kneading too. This is another Ina recipe. The honey makes the dough taste so delicious. I think adding fresh dill to the dough would also be a nice touch. We split the dough in half and freeze it, vs. into six small balls.

We browned sausage, fennel seeds and caramelized some onions. This is our favorite pizza topping combo. Toss the fennel seeds in first, then the onions and sausage. The heat opens up the flavor of the fennel.

We used our Stone Hill Holy Tomato Sauce and added oregano, salt and fresh cracked pepper.

We registered for all this fun pizza making stuff at Williams-Sonoma and use it all the time. The Pizza Peel is great for a cheese platter too. Load it up and make a little lip for the crust and brush with olive oil. Use corn meal on the peel before you add the pizza dough. Shake it so you know the pizza will slide off before you open your hot, hot oven. 

Invest in a pizza stone. It makes a difference. You can bake scones right on the stone too.

This is the most rewarding comfort food and a great cost saver too.

We are big fans of butter lettuce with a little lemon, pepper and olive oil. Simple goodness.

I'm so thankful that I found a man who loves to cook as much as I do. Thanks so much for such a great dinner E. Cheers to you! 


annechovie said...

Looks wonderful - thanks for sharing and have a great wknd!

Nelle Somerville said...

You are so welcome Anne! I love your work so much. Enjoy your weekend as well.

Ellen said...

Yum! Looks amazing!

John Shields said...

Watch out Joe Squared! I'm heading over to Stone Hill Pizzeria.