Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday Night Lights at Union Graze

Union Graze has been our social outlet each Friday night this summer. We pick our CSA up every week from Five Seeds Farm, run into our wonderful neighbors, drink cold beer, and grab a light snack at the Artifact Coffee stand. The days are getting shorter and it is very apparent that fall has arrived to 2013.

Mizuna Frittata is now my favorite song, a la Lion King hakuna matata.

We make a bee-line to Five Seeds Farm to pick up our loot for the week. These are our good neighbors Kristian and Nancy. I'm convinced they moved to Stone Hill because of the SHF blog. Nance and I met when she was planning all the events at Woodberry Kitchen. You can see her here and here. They have the most crave worthy garden as well.

Nancy is working part time for Five Seeds Farm, and owner Denzel Mitchell, who we also met at Woodberry Kitchen. A few weeks ago Union Graze had tacos and we were all a little excited.

It was also Denzel's birthday.

Union Graze was started guessed it, the good people at Woodberry Kitchen and Artifact Coffee (same owners.)

Beau from Rettland Farms, and Steve from Pluma Feliz, aka the happy feather are two other farmers we see weekly. Beau's kids are adorable. One night they were playing Angry Birds and I jumped in for a game. The youngest said, I was really good. How cute...and sad is that? But I'll take any compliment from a 4 year old I can get. You can buy into his pork share and enjoy his pork sold at Woodberry Kitchen. 

Spike (owner of Woodberry Kitchen) is usually helping in the Five Seeds Farm tent cooking up vegetable pancakes, but this evening they kept it easy for celebrating. No tent, no cooking mess. 

There is a new band each week and the music adds such a great level of merriment that reminds me of Kalamazoo (home) for some reason. Momma would LOVE the bluegrass.

Mel and Hannah both work for the Woodberry crew and Hannah manages Union Graze each week. She even has blankets set out so families can get food and have a little picnic on the hill. Seawall Development are also big supporters. You can buy fresh baked bread, beer and the weekly special for great prices.

There is something for everyone and nothing near as crowded as the JFX Market on Sunday's, but a similar vibe.

Kinderhook Snacks has the best cheese "stamps" crackers that never make it to the car by the end of the evening. The cookies, nuts and herb popcorn are simply too good. A salted chocolate chip cookie, seriously.

Like I said it is wonderful running into friends and finding compairing notes on their finds.

A few of the vendors cook, where some are just selling prepackaged items. Sheep Hill Farm sells gorgeous zinnias as well as vegetables and oils.

There are free cider tastings at Millstone Cellars.

Nancy arranged for a surprize cake in Denzel's honor made by the pastry chef, Sara, at Woodberry Kitchen this same evening. It was a black walnut cake with fig jam filling. The buttercream frosting still calls to me. See the roasted figs? We have been selling our little jewels to @wkrstaurant and I'd like to think these are from our little Stone Hill Farm on the cake.

How cute are these little guys that ran up to help sing happy birthday?

Isn't that just gorgeous?

Eric made it just in time to share my piece. My mouth is seriously watering thinking about it as I type.

Union Graze ends sadly on Nov 1. We look forward to our next few Friday nights left as the air gets chillier and days get shorter. 

Thanks to the Woodberry Kitchen crew, Artifact Coffee gang and all of our buddies at Union Graze. Denzel, we are happy we got to celebrate your birthday and wish you the happiest of days and many more birthdays.