Friday, March 28, 2014

Baby Nephews in Memphis

If anything good came of my Uncle Robert's funeral it was getting to meet Baby Nephew II in person. Matthew was just two and a half weeks old and so tiny when I finally got to clap my eyes on him. It was such a gift to be able to hold him, and love him and see him face to face. I couldn't get enough of him, but didn't get enough of him. Don't babies just have the best smell? It's a miracle I didn't squeeze him to death.

I mean, look at his little hands just put together in prayer. We gave Andrew this little outfit he's wearing in our mirror selfie! 

I also had the best time with Baby Nephew. We took a walk one afternoon and it was so fun seeing him just play and run. Elise took this of us and I think I'll frame it.


My brother really is the best Daddy and Elise is such a good Momma. Ugh, it makes my heart hurt a little bit that we aren't all closer together.

I finally finished this teddy bear that I had been knitting Andrew since BEFORE he was born. One of my goals for the year was to use my hands creatively more often. I totally messed up the arms...they are WAY too long...but who cares. Andrew sleeps with this little bear every night. Mac said I had "Francie" powers. Maybe the best compliment I've ever received in my entire life. Francie was our grandmother who passed away last year. Coming back to Memphis for the first time with her gone was another blow. 

These little munchkins made up for all of the loss we were feeling.

I love you kids!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Walk in Stoney Run #reLent #RIPhomeboy

A few weeks ago, March 8th, I had a Saturday off and the only thing I really wanted to do was go for a long walk with my Charlie. I set a goal of being able to walk a mile by the end of March. I've exceeded that thankfully and sometime forget that I had surgery in December. My foot has healed so well I can do cartwheels. I've been participating in a Photo a Day Challenge called #reLent and that Sunday they encouraged us to go for a real walk. I couldn't wait until Sunday. The word of Day 4 was Listen. I wanted to hear the water, hear the birds, hear the crunch of leaves and be still. 

We are so lucky to have this trail in our back yard. It feels like a special place for us. During our first Christmas Day together in Baltimore we woke up and went for a walk in Stoney Run. I've always loved the grafiti. I'm curious. Who are the artists? Do they sneak in during the night with lights? Are they MICA art students? Neighbors? Are they happy? Bored? Rebellious? Or just letting out creative juices? 

I love what The Cosmo in Vegas has done with graffiti in their parking garage. How cool would it be if Baltimore commissioned works in all of the downtown garages?

The patterns and colors are beautiful. Banksy is so popular that a building's value goes up if one of his (or her?) murals is outside it's walls. The modern Van Gogh.

The frozen earth looked beautiful and cast its own patterns and light that day.

It was the first time I had stopped to listen and be tranquil, in a very long time. Sure I've spent hours and hours being quiet in the house over this long, dark and lonely winter. But this quiet walk felt restorative.

We even met a dog along our journey that looked like he had a run into a graffiti artist. Only in Hampden. 

I had my phone turned on silent, no vibrate, so I could totally turn off the outside world. I happened to look at my phone just at the time my mother was calling. It was here we learned that my precious Uncle Robert had died suddenly in Memphis. He had celebrated his birthday just the day before, had been suffering from lung cancer, but we thought he was on the mend. I couldn't have wish for a more beautiful place to learn of this sad fact. We found a bench and continued to be quiet and thank God for all that Robert brought to our lives. It is such a loss. His wish throughout his six months of suffering was that he would glorify God. Very truly I tell you, he did just that in his life and his death.

All throughout the graffiti scene in Baltimore you can see "RIP Homeboy" with the date of the departed. I was able to go to Memphis for the funeral and will share more soon. Loss is so hard. Being with family helped so much but Robert will be missed so very much. 

RIP Homeboy Uncle Robert 3/8/14

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring: Terrain

Be prepared for a few Insta-repeats...a few weeks ago I had a Saturday off and E and I took to the Somaru and headed north on a brunch adventure. E indulged in the Pumpkin French Toast.

I opted for the steak and eggs over bourbon bacon kale. Have mercy.

I love how they serve the brioche in the little flower pots.

Every detail has been thought of down to the ball jar salt shaker and honey pot pepper.

I'm a sucker for latte art.

I ordered tea, but after seeing E's latte I too ordered one.

Copy Cat Latte

This winter has felt like the first winter we've ever had on the East coast in the last twenty years I've lived out here. Growing up in Michigan, I saw a lot of snow. I think we have had 7 big snow days this season. That's even a bit much for Michigan. Seeing these wee little daffodils just warmed my cold and frozen soul.

If I owned a hotel I would only have colored pencil tree branches set out for meetings.

Primrose always remind me of my sweet Virginie's wedding in France. Her parents home had them in all of  the planters.

Every time we head up to Terrain it's more of a fact finding mission. We've been playing around with the idea of an outdoor garden sink. Isn't this poured cement one the coolest?

After we finished our downstairs bathroom tile remodel we have a ton of Carara marble left over. Cheese trays here we come.

I spent St. Patrick's Day with the novovirus. Thankfully that only lasted a day and a half.

We have sprung forward, so it is light out when we head home from work and today is sunny and cool. 

Dear Lord, please spare us any more snow. Amen!