Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anna Frances: third verse, same as the first

We had the nicest weekend in Washington, DC. Saturday night we said goodbye to the rectory under Stuart and Fran's (she's behind Marge in this photo!) care, for a kid blow out party. Alison and Stu threw a fun party and I played my first game of Beer Pong. I kind of wanted to break into the auditorium and break dance. Sunday, we lucked out and hit two birds with one stone for Stinger's little sister's baptism. Anna Frances was a pro! She smiled the whole time.

Marge's bestie from childhood is Frannie's godmother and it was so fun seeing her little girls in their southern  bows and lace. I loved getting to know Elizabeth when we were bridesmaids in Mary Margaret and Scott's wedding. Follow her fantastic shop on Instagram here. She has the best taste. We giggled how "close" we feel that we get to spy on each other on Insta. It's weird, but I love it.

The big girls taught Hastings how to be Marilyn Monroe. How cute is her facial expression? I swear I'm so in love with this kid.

I loved being here for one of Stuart's last baptisms at Christ Church. I cried of course, while Anna Frances just looked in awe at the candle and tried to touch Stuarts face. It was absolutely perfect. Psalm 139 is such a good reminder of how we were knit in our mother's womb by God. That He cares about the tiniest details in our lives. Don't ever forget that little child of God. You are precious and marked as Christ's own in baptism forever.

Godparents and parents with Stuart and little Frannie.

Elizabeth and Chris' family with the Plums. Godsisters. I took a million other photos but will let them use the best one for a Christmas card, perhaps.

I love the baptism window at Christ Church. I also love that we have made it to each and documented all of the girls baptism's here and here on this blog. As Marge said, "Same song, third verse."

Couldn't you just eat Fru Fru and Woodie up with forks? They were the sweetest girls too. This is the place where you take photos to show how much you've grown if you grow up at CCGT. I just love it the most. 

The buffet was simple and perfect. I brought Kinderhook Cheese Stamps for Marge's Daddy. They are a Baltimore staple but are now being sold in Dupont Circle. I see the Kinderhook babes at Union Graze often.

I found the neatest gift for Marge and the girl babies when I was in Seaside at the Central Square Records. See the little bag hanging on the radiator? It is has an image of Alice in Wonderland and the entire book is printed on the front and back, the words making up the image. They had lithographs prints as well as the bags with Moby Dick, The Jungle Book and more. Such a fun idea for art in a kids room. I also adored the women who manage that shop. Follow their feed here.

The details of her table were so beautiful and I'm obsessed with her china pattern. It was a much smaller gathering this year. Having three littles under three is stress enough I'm sure. So keeping it simple worked beautifully. It was so nice to get to talk to Scotty's dad and hug on his sweet Momma Kim too as always.

Two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world. Oh how I love this picture. Stinger looks so much like her daddy.

I gave her a fresh box of crayons as any fairy godmother should. Is there anything more simple and delightful? The weather was glorious so the kids hung out outside.

Already coloring in the lines at three years old. She's a genius I tell you.

There were precious crosses to decorate as well. I wrote "Stinger" on one side and Hastings said, "You know, that's not really my name." Haha! The honesty of a child.

After three of these baptisms we finally got a great shot together too.

It was great seeing Lynda as always. We shared Destin stories. Their families were just at Rosemary Beach two weeks before our trip! Next time I'm hoping we can all be down there at the same time.

Hernal loved the wrapping paper from the big girls.

Granddaddy George

Elizabeth's gift, which I need.


Stinger being so, so patient waiting for her cake. "Playing" the tablecloth.

At different occasions on Sunday, Marge told me how good of a friend I am to her and how happy she was that we were there. Scott said the same thing to me and Eric. Isn't that what friendship is all about? To be loved, supported and reminded of how much we are loved. At that moment I felt their words as a reflection of God's love in my own heart. May sound cheesy or obvious but I was overjoyed by their words. How blessed and lucky we are to have such beloved friends. 

We love y'all with our whole hearts, truly. Praying you feel as loved as we did this past Sunday.

P.S. Uncle Charlie was with us, but I didn't bombard him with photos this time. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feed the Birds

There are a few things you must do in Destin. Wear lots of sunscreen, wake up early to take sunrise photos, fish with your granddaddy, walk on the beach each day, eat tons of seafood and feed the birds from the deck. It's a game of patience. Our friends had been with us for four days and I had hoped they would get the thrill before leaving. Not 20 minutes before they had to leave for the airport the birds found us finally.

It couldn't have been prettier. We felt guilty our pals had to leave on such a glorious, white sand day. We were all giddy with smiles ear to ear. I grabbed the bread, Haygood snapped some photos. 

This is by far my favorite seagull of all time. Like the Axl Rose of Seagulls. This bird. This bird thinks YOU are a rock star.

Look at the color of the Gulf! That is why they call it the Emerald Coast. No filters needed.

It was a perfect send off after their fun, fun visit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bike Rides and Sugar Sand Dune Hikes

We needed a break from the beach so decided to go on an epic bike ride down historic 30a one day. We rented bikes at Yolo Board and Bikes and headed east to Watercolor. It was a perfect, cloudy, but sunny day and not too hot. 

We must have burned a trail to the coffee shop in Seaside with our rental car, but to take in the scenic route by bike was a whole new experience.

These water lilies. These water lilies made me just jump for joy that they were in bloom.

E. has such great memories of visiting Grayton Beach when he lived in Atlanta. This was pre-me so we wonder if we were ever swimming in the same ocean at the same time. 

He encouraged us to pull over for a visit at the Grayton State Park. Growing up we never went to another beach because we had the beach in front of us. It was fun seeing it from a different perspective.

The guard even gave us a deal and charged us for a vehicle, vs. four bikes. Pretty awesome.

E. and I hiked the Pine Trail, while our pals went to the beach for a quick swim.

I'm so glad my camera has a self timer. This little spot had fairy dust and sparkles everywhere it was so mystical.

Can you see the fairy's? I know my little buddy James from NC would be able to see them.

#ewalking The clouds grew darker and darker on our walk. The sugar sand dunes burned your eyes it was so bright, even on a cloudy day.

We hiked fast but I tried to pay attention to the tiniest details in the sand. 

I heard E calling from ahead and I was like, "hold your horses" thinking he was rushing me. My precious husband was rushing me so I could see our friend, The Great Blue Heron. He kind of felt like our welcome greeter to the pines.

Sexy devil.

I love all of the evergreens at the beach. Pine trees, pine straw everywhere.

Keep off dunes. (Dude, such a bummer.)

Bossing Uncle Charlie around, on where he needed to take a picture. Poor guy. Puts up with my bull.

Standing under my favorite pines of all time.

I wanted him to get a shot of the kayaker.

It was a scorcher. It rained about 20 seconds after this photo. We ran for cover and met up with the Haygoods to wait it out a bit at the rest station in the park.

We rode back out, in the rain, and these are my favorite pines of all time. I love how they gather at the top. We had just walked that whole route and this perspective is back on the road.


We landed at the Wine World and had the most hilarious, drenched wet lunch with a fantastic meal, great service and nice folks in the restaurant who we ran into another day at George's in Alys Beach. 

After drinking and eating we had another 6 miles to go back! Whew. It was so much fun and the absolute highlight of our trip. I want to remember how happy I was at this very moment for the rest of my life. It was just such a perfect day, great friends and fun adventure.