Saturday, September 18, 2010

Silo Point

My dance card was very full this week.

I was invited to a party at the Silo Point penthouse. Silo Point was built quite literally around these grain elevators. The condos are nearly all sold but the penthouse can be rented for parties until it is sold. The space is raw and has cement floors. It is a blank canvas for decorating.

The penthouse has two stories of glass with 360 degree views over looking the water.

Chef's Expressions catered the event and Stephanie Bradshaw did the styling. These were Shrimp Sausage hors d'oeuvres in little spoons. They were suspended on this mirrored tray.

Mini Mushroom Burgers

The views are amazing from Silo Point. The Inner Harbor is to the left and  Fells Point is directly across the water. Tide Point and the Under Armour headquarters are directly in the middle of this photo.

The food was not only beautifully displayed but very tasty. This crab meat, avocado, shrimp shot was so fresh. 


The chef's prepared ice cream, a la minute, from dry ice. They served mini ice cream cones and ice cream sandwiches between the most delicious fresh cookies.

This beautiful cheetah passed hors d'oeuvres. 

She was a great sport and growled for the photo. She passed a turkey with cranberry sauce and fresh scone and the most succulent pork belly with sweet potato puree. Her counterpart was painted in chocolate, sitting on the dessert buffet, but was under model contracts so I couldn't take her photo. 

This flower arrangement over the fireplace was an eye catcher.

The decor was a fall preview.

Peppered Tuna

It was so much fun running into so many people. Jerry Edwards throws an amazing party.

It is Smalltimore. I ran into one of my very best Baltimore friends. We ended up going downstairs afterwards to try to have a drink at Miguel's. It was closed for a private party. We sat on the comfortable outdoor loungers for a visit and were greeted by a platter of sangria from more friends from the party and Miguel himself.

Thank you Baltimore for charming me once again. What a wonderful event. Special thank you to our friends at the Harborcourt Hotel for supplying the sangria, post penthouse, and for the great Katiecakes visit. 


Pigtown-Design said...

that poor deranged woman you saw again yesterday driving up and down the streets of stone hill was me.

putting an offer on darby tomorrow or tues.

don't ya love silo point??????

Nelle Somerville said...

You are too funny. Didn't see you. Good luck on Darby. I did drive by. That street looks sooooo quiet and the house is cute. Yes, love Silo Point. Such a cool spot.

Karena said...

Nelle, what a fabulous spot for a party and a grand one at that!

I have a new Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Laura said...

Hi Nelle, I am the Marketing Director for Chef's Expressions. These are great photos! I'd love to see some of these make into our 2011 calendar.