Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stone Hill

Stone Hill Farm is our name for our little patch of land within a secret brigadoon called Stone Hill. The neighborhood is protected on the National Register. Everyone gets lost trying to find us. We are okay with that. The homes were built for the workers of the Mt. Vernon Mill. 

There are artifacts in nearly everyones yard.

We have two fireplaces. We all have wood stacks.

We have fabulous neighbors.

So fabulous they share their herbs.




And apples.

We are well protected.

Stone Hill is near Charles Village.

We run into people we know everywhere we go. Smalltimore.

The Waverly Market is just a few miles away.

Hampden is blocks away. This is a Tree Trunk. I mean. Are you kidding me? How cute!

There are great restaurants. Cafe Hon.

Our most favorite coffee shop.

The owner Jay's mom makes the cupcakes and knows us by name. He is the nicest guy and just donated his long, gorgeous hair to Locks for Love.

Festivals are just a quick walk away.

We have The Miracle on 34th Street all winter long walking distance away.

Charm City Cakes is around the corner too.

And Gertrude's... the BMA which houses more Matisse works than the Louvre.

We love it here.

I forgot to thank our wonderful realtor for finding Stone Hill for us. She picked up a flier that had a photo of the house and we were intrigued. We saw six houses on the first day we went out and signed a contract that night. Thanks again Bonnie!

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Pigtown-Design said...

This is a little brigadoon. i am looking at a house on the other side of the jones falls in its own brigadoon. it took two days to find the street!