Friday, September 10, 2010

A Photo Journalistic Love Fest

Sometimes all you have to do is ask for a great photo. As I drove away I heard her boyfriend say, "That's a first." I've been bringing my camera everywhere as of late and am snappy happy for sure.

Glancing out my window I see great treasures on the Inner Harbor. Occasionally, pirates attack. Seriously. If you are standing too close to the edge of the promenade you may get hit by water guns from the lily-livered captives aboard the Fearless. Three Mom's got together and created the Urban Pirates. There is a smaller boat that circles the Fearless and tries to attack back. Good clean fun for all ages. 

Sometimes you just have to look closer at things to see the real story.

You couldn't pay me enough to even consider this career.

Baltimore blue. If you can see the Key Bridge in the distance, you can pretty much bank on a gorgeous day. 

Hey, there's my office window.

This is best way to travel around Baltimore. A $10 all day cruise from dock to dock. I'm jealous of my friends that take this baby to work. Don't plan on going anywhere fast. It's not about that. Our favorite route is from the Inner Harbor to Fells Point. Then walk back.

Fells Point.

The pavers in Fells are said to have been from the ballast of ships from Europe way back in the 17somethings. They are most likely quarried granite and were used to stabilize the ship. I don't understand the math of this concept. Something heavy in something that needs to float. I missed that class. It is the oldest part of town and there are ghosts about. You can even see some real life pirates in this neighborhood.

When you take the Water Taxi, you'll get a coupon for Max's Tap House for a buy one, get one free brew on tap. We had to sit outside because I had a popped collar shirt on. They have rules and a dress code. The people watching on this corner is stellar.

It is a very easy walk down to Harbor East.

This charming enoteca is one of our staple favorites. Pull up to the bar and enjoy the most incredible all Italian wine list with over 40 wines by the glass. My maiden name means "wild boar hunter." No wonder I love this place. The staff is so incredibly generous with their time, knowledge and friendliness without being too talky talky. The food is amazing.

My best pal Marge and I had a spa day a few years ago. When you buy a bottle of wine at Cinghiale they let you decorate it and put it in the window. I love this happy little memory for all the passers by to see and visit it often.

The architecture in Baltimore is beautiful.

There are iconic signs.

Interesting folks.

This odd Man Woman sculpture at Penn Station.

Another fabulous sign. "Where Balitmore gets engaged." with the Natty Boh fella is popping the question to the Utz babe.

I get to pass under these lanterns every day. Makes me truly thankful.

I love this place too for some reason.

This just makes me giggle. Freaking hilarious.

This makes me sad. And happy that someone was brilliant enough to create this memorial.

I love the MICA bridge.

There are so many bike shops in this town. It's awesome. This was a drive by shooting and these guys were so cute when I yelled, "smile".

The Streetcar Museum

This awesome mom was doing a photo shoot with her kids at this killer spot.

The Gwynns Falls trail is so well kept. The park people sweep it every week, rake, pick weeds. Every time I run down the path and see them I say thank you.

Remember that snow storm? All of the salt for six counties came from here. Maybe not six, but a ton.

This place mystifies us. The stuff changes in the yard every few weeks. I want to get invited to a party by these people.

I'm thankful for little things today. Especially that there is an organic mac and cheese blue box.

And really thankful to Summer is a Verb and Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore for inspiring me to get my very own decal for my office water bottle. 


Ellen said...

OK, so Baltimore has NEVER been on a list of places I'd want to visit - wouldn't have even crossed my mind. Your photo blog just changed that. Thanks for bringing the city to life for me!!! :-)

Nelle Somerville said...

It is seriously a great, great city! I'm so, so glad you are inspired to visit!!!