Wednesday, April 25, 2012

110th Running of the Grand National

We went to the 110th Running of the Grand National last weekend. It was a glorious day filled with sunshine and friendship. Is there anything more beautiful than a warm spring day in the Maryland Hunt Country?

Our dear friend  and award winning tailgate host SDM and his friend Craig had the party. Craig owns the Quinntessential Gentleman in Baltimore where their slogan is "Bmore handsome!" 

Scott was as dapper as ever putting the final touches on the tailgate. He is the preppiest man alive and came in second last year for his tailgate.

The tent was stocked full with essentials to get through the long day. 

Fried chicken and lots and lots of bourbon, naturally.

They served a specialty cocktail called "Off the Rails" and another called, "Bmore Handsome". I have no idea what was in it as I was sipping a finger of Bourbon on the rocks. I'm a purist.

Justin brought his divine handmade sourdough bread and Emily made my Pear Chutney as a perfect compliment her husband's manna of the Gods. 

Can you hear the angel choir singing? My father used to bake bread and Justin's reminds me so much of Daddy's recipe.

Everyone was dressed to the nines and ready for betting.

Preppy fist pumps (PFP) for the rebirth of the monogram necklace! Emily received this from the Easter bunny a few weeks ago. 

SDM's, dapper as ever.

JCW's blue crab belt.

TJ's oyster tie, how cute is that?

Not sure who this guy was but loved his red, white and light blue combo.

 Sandi donned gold horse accents for the perfect touch.

I wish I had a vintage Thunderbird for just such an occasion! It is the perfect accessory. 

I really couldn't keep my eyes off of My Charlie! He made sure my drink was cold all day. 

Katiecakes was in town bringing friends from Philly.

The jockeys always look so smart in their silks too.

There were babies and puppies to snuggle with all day.

Games of chase and kickball.

Daddies were chasing the kids as well.

In between races everyone just visited.

EAS, the fantastic author of Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore, even stopped by wearing her adorable J. McGlaughlin dress! We finally met last week at the pre-opening of Kettle Hill with our mutual friends John and Alyssa. It's funny how after two years of "talking" via the internet you feel like you know someone. Please check out her blog if you haven't already. It is a daily read of mine with my morning tea! Cheers to you EAS and our camera toting ways.

John and Alyssa's besties were in town too. Katie and Todd had fun news to share with us! We all ended up back at Kettle Hill for dinner.

And we also met EAS's bestie Lawyer Liz! Oh Smalltimore, how I love thee!

While the tailgate judges were making their final rounds we were all SHOCKED when the announcer said "Second Runner Up." What? They dropped down one level from last year and I can't understand it. They had china, glass and silver julep cups!

The judging didn't dampen our spirits however.

We had such a lovely time.

After the races our group relocated to the Worthington Tavern for pool and pizza. 

The skies opened up and rained buckets. We were so lucky the weather held out.

Thank you Scott and Craig for such a great afternoon with delicious food and drinks! Emily for taking such beautiful photos and Katie for coming down from Philly. EAS, it has been a joy getting to know you in person. I look forward to our next adventures! It was so great to see so many of our dear friends. Click here for more details on the Maryland Steeplechasing schedule.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We have been so lucky to hang out with our DC besties as of late. We went to DC for a fun weekend at home with the Plumridge's a few weeks ago. Hastings is getting so big and even more adorable if that is possible. She is such a happy and precious child. I love you in this photo Marge. You both look so perfectly happy.

She is into waving and has four perfect little teeth now.

She is pulling herself up like a pro. I've nicknamed her Stinger; Hastings, Sting, Stinger. We think it will be a banner name for her stellar soccer or tennis careers. 

I really couldn't take a bad photo of this child. Isn't her Cinderella dress just divine?

We stayed in DC with Marge and Scott on the final night of Downton Abbey and of course had to watch it. Love that most of my friends got as addicted as I did over DA!

How in love are we with this baby goddaughter? Totally, head over heels in love!!!

A week later we celebrated Marge's 35th birthday party in Dupont Circle at Darlington House. I only have iPhone photos that are a wee bit fuzzy. It was a fabulous party shared with another girlfriend who also turned 35. It was a Ball Masque. 

Hastings and parents came to visit us for brunch at Woodberry Kitchen the week following. We have lucked out with lots of love from the Plumridge's in the last few months.

We had this darling dress monogrammed for little Stinger at The Monogram Shop here in Baltimore. I think it turned out so beautifully. E. is dropping it off to the little lamb today in DC.

We love you little one and feel so lucky to have one of our godchildren so close! Happy Easter! Love, Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie