Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stone Hill Annual Picnic

My October House Beautiful came this week and I opened to this page.

I adore Ina. I have each of her cookbooks.

One is signed.

So when I saw the recipe for Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, I was in and knew this would be a perfect treat for the Stone Hill Picnic.

They were a hit. I am going to make them for Thanksgiving. They are the perfect nod to fall. I didn't use the Heath bars but think that would be a decadent touch.

This is our third Stone Hill picnic and each year seems to get better. 

We all bring something to share. I brought our Pear Chutney served over a block of cream cheese with Wheat Thins to start and the cupcakes for dessert. This was the first taste of our chutney after a few weeks from canning. It is ten times better than last year. I encourage you all to make it. It is fruity, spicy and down right delicious.

We pull all of our lawn furniture into the middle of the alley and talk neighborhood news and catch up for hours.

And we raved over Archie's new lion cut.

Everyone brings something to pass. Our neighbors can "burn", meaning they seriously know how to cook! Homemade apple pie, pumpkin pie and ratatouille were highlights this year. And the sangria put everyone in a cheerful mood.

There are over 40 houses in Stone Hill. The people who live here now and lived here before adore the hidden, quiet nature of the village. One neighbor told us a story about the family who lived in her home before she bought it.  They brought the ashes of their mother to bury in her yard. They knew that their mother had to be buried near the home she loved her whole life. That's Stone Hill.

One neighbor serenaded us with acoustical guitar and his daughter's singing.

This is our neighbor who is responsible for the bees and our amazing harvest for the last two years. He grows all of his garden from seed.

We won the lottery when we bought our house. Not only do we have a crazy old, charming place but the neighbors make it even better. Our first week here a few invited us to a dinner party and the hospitality hasn't stopped since. 

Thank you Stone Hill. We love you more than you'll ever know.

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Pigtown-Design said...

i think i've told you that stone hill is my mum's brigadoon. she had friends there and used to go to parties there, but was never able to find it. when we drove around there on saturday, and then down to the stone houses on clipper mill, she was once again charmed by all of them.

hope to be moving over there soon!