Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baltimore Summer Antiques Show

This little lady was featured at the Baltimore Convention Center this weekend at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show in Bill Rau's booth #1700 if you are heading that way. It's called the Inondation at Giverny. I introduced myself to Bill and his associate Lyndon and they were open to me taking photos of any and all of their pieces and were great story tellers. They said once the Monet is in a museum I wouldn't be allowed to but until then I was free to shoot away.

Bill bought the painting for $5.85 million from a Swiss family that will remain anonymous. He told me that there were three paintings in this series made by Monet with the subject of the flood in Giverny. I got home and did a little research and found a photo of Flood Waters at the National Gallery in London. I'm not sure about copyright rules in the blog world yet so will just post a link here. Check it out. The one in Rau's possession is so much lighter, and you can tell done during a much nicer day. Because the waters receded he couldn't go back every day as he liked to to capture the light.

Lyndon showed me this beautiful table from the Abelmarle Club from London. Oscar Wilde was said to have played on this very table. There is a key that goes in the middle and when turned opens the six drawers in front of the players.

I was drawn to the Louis trunk and admired this sassy pin up girl choosing her wig. I think it was called Gentlemen Prefer?  Someone in Baltimore bought it!

As I turned the corner they also had this charming Norman Rockwell, Billiards is Easy to Learn.

The show comes to Baltimore every year. Last year I found two small salt cell spoons that match my silver pattern. The dealers are so kind and have so much to share. The jewelers let you try on their bobbles and you can flip for hours through old maps. There was a wall of Birkin Bags that I couldn't even visit they were too tempting. You can enjoy the show Sunday until 6:00 pm. Next year they will be back August 25-28. 

Thank you Momma for teaching me about the joys of antique shopping for as long as I can remember. I'm becoming more and more like you every day. xoxo


Pigtown-Design said...

Hey! Thanks again for the tickets. I am sorry that we didn't get to meet up with you!


Nelle Somerville said...

No worries. I loved your Birkin photo!

Knut Atle Klausen said...

Hi Nelle! Just wanted to let you know that the Monet picture is now in Glyptoteket in Copenhagen, Denmark. Except for the Danish press release there is still no information about it on their site. (

Best regards,
Knut Atle Klausen (in Copenhagen)