Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bang Bang

While driving downtown, through the architecturally rich buildings of Baltimore at 8:00 am, I nearly blew the speakers of the Somaru listening to this new jam. Can't get enough of it. Maybe it's that we are heading to the Redneck Riviera soon and I'm hearkening back to spring breaks and my days at Ripon when all we did was dance. Maybe it's the Zumba classes. Maybe I'm just thrilled to be alive and able to dance. I'm sure the people behind me where like, "What is that crazy, preppy lady with the glitter headband doing?"

Sending you wishes for the best Labor Day weekend and many late nights on the dance floor or front seat of your car.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Garden Delights

Our dear neighbors went away for a long break and were were charged with taking care and picking their garden. It was a tough job!

We had fresh raspberries every morning with our granola. The raspberry bushes have done so well here.

I should have stuffed the squash blossoms. I just made Mom's classic Squash-at-the-Lake dish.

We split our sedum and did share it with Guy and Pam last year. It looks so nice in front of this cement wall.

E built me a planter. Our lettuce looked amazing before all of the rain smashed it down. I'm looking forward to garlic and Tuscan Kale for the fall. Any other ideas for winter gardens?

Baby Nephews Summer of '14

My adorable brother calls with the boys every so often. Matthew is getting so big and adorable. This is from a few weeks ago. I just want to post them so I won't forget how little they once were.

How cute are they? Andrew is going to be 4 in November!

I love when my SIL texts me photos of the little men.

Last night we wished Daddy a Happy Birthday but spent most of the time encouraging Baby Nephew II to crawl. Andrew was crawling around to teach him. Ha! I love these boys.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cool, cool summer

More morning glory love and views from our hamlet at Stone Hill.

We had a second lavender bloom this year. 

I know Morning Glories can take over the world if you let them. I've been pretty adamant about pulling it back each year. I love how it "creeped" up on the privet this year.

I loved Bananarama in the 80s. Cruel, Cruel Summer...not cool, cool, summer, but you get the point.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Sunshine Day

We planted sunflowers over 100 days ago. I gave our wonderful neighbors the extra seeds. Theirs are blooming like mad. Ours failed miserably. They just didn't get enough sun. Our peas also failed miserably so I used the stakes for the peas to stake the sunflowers. They are 12 feet tall!

What a lovely practice of patience, watching them grow. 

Everyday I leave the house and this song pops into my head now. They are just the happiest flowers on the earth. Notice the bees in the first shot? 

Our Morning Glories are prettier than ever this year too.

Happy Sunshine day!