Monday, September 20, 2010

Milan and the Antiques-Exchange

I had a great lunch meeting last week with two colleagues at Milan. The mood feels very different for lunch but you get the idea of the space from these photos. Check out the website to see how hip it is. Milan is in Little Italy on the cusp of Harbor East.

I was checking the space for an event. The space has such a Miami feel and the food was outstanding. E and I went to the opening party for the restaurant and didn't get to eat anything because it was so crowded. Last week my friends and I were spoiled with the following.

Arugula Greens with Blue Cheese, Sugared Pecans, Pears and a Lemon Vinaigrette.

Gambero E Capasanta Polenta
Parmesan Polenta, Sauteed Shrimp & Scallops, Bell Pepper Trio, Julienne Onions, Crispy Pancetta, Roasted Red Pepper Cream

Linguine Peppa with Brandied Garlic Cream Sauce. This was everything you would want this dish to be. Rich cream sauce, but didn't feel heavy. The  hint of brandy warmed my soul and the pasta was made fresh. I would love this on a snowy winter evening in front of a roaring fire at a sky lodge so I could burn off the calories on the slopes.

Tortas De Granchio with Rosemary Shoestring Potatoes and Spicy Remoulade.

It's really just a crab cake and fries. A very good one. And I'm in love with the little fry basket.

There was a horrible, quick storm last week. Ironically, the same time as the Johns Hopkins shooter was going crazy on the East side of town. We could see the helicopters outside our office windows. Such a sad story but am thankful none of my friends were hurt that work there.

Friday, I stopped by the Antiques Exchange in Hampden to look for pillows for our new sofa.

I could outfit our whole house simply from this store. I loved this leather tuffet.

And this hubcap mirror is still haunting me.

I think these tony little garden benches will be perfect for the breezeway.

E. and our good buddy Brad picked up our sofa at the loading dock down at the Mill Center. Delivery trucks can't make it into Stone Hill.

It suits our Breezeway so well. It's tailored and sophisticated with a modern flare. I like it next to our steel wall. I loved these pillows from Antiques Exchange, but decided they look better in our guest room. I'm now on the hunt for something with pops of green.

We sold two of our four sets of chairs that we've had in the breezeway since we've lived here. I'm sad to see them go and would love to have one set recovered in white denim. But it is just too rich of an investment for these lean times I'm a tiny bit sad to see them go but am happy to be on the hunt for the perfect fit.

Our neighbor's bees are having a field day on our sedum.

Enjoy this beautiful Monday, where ever you are today. I'm very thankful to our Stone Hill neighbor who gave us a steep discount for the new sofa. Also thrilled that our pillows were 50% off, even though we didn't use them in the Breezeway. Thanks Brad for the hand in delivery. And a final thanks to Milan for such a incredible lunch last week. Smittie is the nicest, most generous owner.


Cindy said...

Your lunch at Milan looks fabulous and what a lovely antique store! Don't you just love it when you find the perfect treasure for your home?

Hope you have a wonderful week. xo Cindy

Pigtown-Design said...

hon... let me whip you up a pillow or three! i have some amazing fabrics with pops of green, including a green cheetah print.

Nelle Somerville said...

OMG Megtown! That would be amazing. Please buy in Stone Hill so you could be closer than Darby. I'd love to see you reno one of these old gems!!!