Thursday, March 14, 2019

Winter Memories 2018

It was a great holiday season in the new, new house. We've had the weirdest snows this winter. And I just want to record the fun on this little blog that I crave to come back and visit time after time. So bear with the tons of pictures and crazy Christmas in the middle of March. It's the most glorious first warm day and here I am looking back on our chilly winter.

We have loved living in Dickeyville. After a long 11 days at home, without any travel, we finally felt moved in over our Christmas break. It was truly the most relaxing vacation we've had in a long, long time. We didn't go anywhere.

In the beginning of December I decked the halls for my third annual gingerbread house party. We started earlier at lunch time so we could join Katie and her Mrs. Santa pub crawl later that evening. 


I seriously spend all year preparing for this party. I know it's nuts, but I'm a meeting and event planner, so when I get to deck out my own house for fun, it brings so much joy. I had E's monogram made on our coffee cups from Emily McCarthy. It can double for Santa Claus for cookies and bourbon on Christmas Eve! Starbucks sold the greatest jar or gingerbread people, marshmallows and hot coco this year. I should have bought lots of jars of cookies. They were actually delicious.

Rite Aid is my go-to for the house kits. They go on sale every year and this year they were the cheapest ever at the end of November (right after Thanksgiving). The kits change every year but all of the candy, icing and instructions are included so it is super easy. I tell the guests in October so everyone can bring one bag of low, low price Halloween candy. This year we had more candy than the three years prior. There are a few friends who get really into decorating, and a few who come for the company. Either way it's such a blast to host good friends.

Our dining room has turned into the party room. I fell in love with the wallpaper when we first saw the house.

Cristina made the most incredible house FROM SCRATCH that looks like the front door of her school. She's on the way to becoming star baker.

The log cabins are always the most adorable I think. Truscuit roofs and all.

Such talented friends.

Can you tell who went to art school? Katiecakes. How amazing is this house? Look at the palm tree for heavens sake. 

Later that night Katie did a 180 and donned her gay apparel for the Mrs. Santa Crawl. Katie MADE THIS OUTFIT. She sewed all the details together and during our weekly talks you could hear her little sewing machine whir in the background. It was an Elvis theme so the sparkles, flames, lips and high heels were required. But the snowflake collar I think really took it over the edge to perfection. I mean!!!

The few that could stay, stuck around and headed downtown to be entertained.

The crew call themselves the Ding Dongs and they sing in four part harmony.

No one had any fun at all. 

A few weeks later we headed to Philly to see Katie and Tony for a fun weekend. Fancy Delancy Street is a must stop while in Philadelphia during Christmastide. I posted this photo on Instagram and friend from Christ Church Georgetown sent messages that this was their friend's home! What are the odds of that happening? It's such a gorgeous home and I loved reconnecting with this sweet family from CCGT.

The entire street is a visual buffet of elegance and charm.



Katie was hosting a gingerbread house party of her own late that Sunday afternoon and I was so excited to help her deck her halls. She found the paper goods at Hester and Cook. They have last minute sales all the time and so much fun Christmas themed items. Check back in the fall, or stock up on Valentine's merch on sale now.

Jacques approved.

Katie's amazing second house of the season!

Required Holiday Prom Pic at the Groebels.

In January we headed back to Philadelphia for the Annual Glogg Party.

Dangerously good this year. 

E walking.

The food was delicious. We made lobster mac-n-cheese the next morning with the left overs. 

Christmas Eve church with Jeano, my most wonderful mother-in-law, at our neighbors church in Catonsville. One of my brides from the Hotel Monaco sent me a note after I posted we were at CPC that her brand new baby boy was Jesus in the children's pageant earlier Christmas Eve day. I know Jesus' parents!

Christmas morning in Dickeyville, just the two of us.

A very Scout Bag Christmas day.

Christmas dinner at Oceanaire with team Somerville. This was one of the best meals out we had ever had together as a family. The staff was wonderful, the food was outstanding. I didn't realize how relaxing it would be to not have to cook and then clean on Christmas Day. We all got dolled up and had the nicest afternoon. 

I make @_grits chocolate chess pie every year. It is so, so good. This was for a neighborhood party. There were so many social events in Dickeyville that we had to turn many down because we were exhausted from it all. As outgoing as I am, I need time to really retreat to recharge.

Ellen from Local Color Flowers made this drop dead gorgeous magnolia garland for the downstairs fireplace. 

Morning Margarita's at Johnny's with Katie.

E walking walks in Dickeyville were also a highlight of the winter.

Snow and no snow walks.

Even our buddies Kate and Tom came to Dickeyville for brunch and we walked off the calories.

Dickeyville doors.

We hosted a small dinner for friends one night and had to pull out more Hester and Cook paper delights.

I hosted the Bad Girls of Book Club too. We usually have sit down dinners but switched it up so we could all mingle. The dining room does become the party room in our house. It reminds me of my parents parties with everyone sitting around a long table. Not sure why I don't have photos of these incredibly smart and beautiful women.

Few photos of the house too, since I know a few friends in Maine need to see more. This is the den.

Steps from dining room heading to the main floor.

The kitchen is on the first floor right next to the dining room. It is the exact same kitchen we had just renovated at Stony Run.

Our bedroom is on the third floor and has two large areas with little dormer windows taking up the whole floor.


The main floor powder room is PINK!

I move furniture around so much in the living room. Below is what we settled on. The flow works better.

I made this garland two years ago and am thrilled it's held up so well.

That's a lot! Phew. But always fun to look back at the great times with family, friends and new arrangements of furniture. LOL. Thankful for the new friends we've made in our little village too. Winter is my favorite season. I love the cozy fires, movies, baking cookies and entertaining friends. The snow is my favorite part too. I miss masses of snow. But as I finish this the temperature is about to crest at 70. The daffodils are just popping up and the weeping cherry has teeny buds. The anticipation is half the fun. Thank you winter for your relaxing time to reboot us for the next season.