Friday, September 19, 2014


From Caliza Website

The first night of our trip to Florida was E's birthday. These are my iPhone photos but hope you get a glipse into this way-cool space! I sent out a note to my southern friends who vacation on the Emerald Coast. My cousin Trip said this restaurant was one of the best meals he had had all year.

They served popcorn instead of bread. It was flavored with Wasabi and Soy.

The tuna crudo with fried quinoa was so unique. The texture of the quinoa was a great contrast with the soft and subtle tuna.

My fish was extraordinary. They called it Trash Fish because it was the fish caught in the nets that are usually thrown back. There was pearl couscous and the most wonderful broth.

Turns out the chef is from Baltimore.

It was a perfect start to our incredible break.

Mint chocolate ice cream.

The decor was very unexpected at the beach. We felt like we were in Greece or Miami. When I called to ask the dress code and if jeans were okay, the kind hostess warned me even at night it would be too hot. I forget 90 at the beach and 90 in MD are two different animals. It was muggy. The entrance to the powder room had chain curtains that tinked and clinked as you entered.

The tiles were gorgeous, reflecting the colors from the beautiful beaches.

Yes, I am that girl who takes photos of powder rooms. I'm obsessed with this sink, the floors and the poured cement counters. 

The tiles behind the bar are so covet worthy. Sexy right?

Terrible photo but they have a semi private space that looks like a little Moraccan hideout. There were a gaggle of girls squealing when we were there, making a few of us wish the room was fully private. Voices do carry over the pool waters, be warned.

Even the roads are amazing in Alys Beach. The cobblestone streets give the area a sense of history and place even though it is only about six years old. I love how design does this.

Seaside, Florida

Seaside is celebrating 30 years this year. I have a vague memory of driving down highway 30a with my uncle, an architect, showing us the space of this potential development when I was 11ish. We were in a tall building and it's the only time I've ever seen a shark in the water down there. I'm pretty sure we were on the Seaside site. Every time E and I go down we head to Seaside at least every other day, if not daily. It's a quick 20 minutes down the road. E found a great coffee shop so we went often.

We went really early one morning and again, the light was breathtaking. If you've never been to the Emerald Coast of Florida, you are truly missing out.

The water was so clear both weeks. We didn't see seaweed until the last day of our trip.

Don't forget to occasionally look up! This is inside the Seaside Pavilion.

The bees were working hard too while we were on vacation.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beach Chic

These are some of my favorite shots from our trip. My grandparents little beach house, Averitts Favorite, is in the background of the sea oats. My uncle designed the house after hurricane Opal destroyed the first one from 1978. It's such a special place and holds so many memories for my family. E and I hadn't been back for five years. I cried with laughter on so many occasions during this trip, missing my grandmother. I'm so happy I took videos of her so I can visit her often. Funny how playing solitaire, whistling through my teeth just makes me feel like she is in the room with me!

Waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the light was my absolute favorite, restorative part of the trip. I love the bubbles in the sand of the early morning tide.

These dunes weren't here five years ago. Wonderful how much they have grown up.

My little sea oats series is from the front deck looking over the Gulf of Mexico.

It was so humid that the fog on my lens created this fantastic filter. I want to blow this shot up for the house on a huge canvas. I love the soft feeling of the light, the birds dotting the middle of the frame and the matching sky and sand.

That soft pink. Wish I could find a paint color to match this pink.

Every evening the sky and water changed color within moments.

Looking east to Sandestin.

One morning we saw the moon at 6:30 am. 

We are back in the thick of life, but again, feeling energized for what is to come this fall.