Monday, September 13, 2010

Rings and Things

Long before I knew we would live in Baltimore I knew about one very important shop in Charm City.

Samuelson's Diamonds 

We found the ring we both adored at The Tiny Jewel Box in DC way back in 2006. Yes, we looked for rings together. It was totally romantic and so much fun. I knew I was going to marry E four months after we started dating. I always knew I wanted a traditional ring. I loved antique settings, but had never tried anything on. We found a cocktail ring that had a three stone setting with a blue sapphire in the center and two diamonds on either side. I tried it on and knew immediately this was the one.  I would dream about it. The sales person said, "you like your finger to be covered in diamonds." So true. When E went back to buy the ring it had sold.

My husband is extremely resourceful. He looked up White House Brothers, the company that made the setting for the ring we both loved at the Tiny Jewel Box. There were a few jewelers who sold White House Brothers in the area, but none in DC. One in Elliott City and another in Baltimore. He picked Samuelson's in Baltimore.

Back in 2006 Samuelson's shop was on this corner. Their new shop across the street is so beautiful. Here are a few rings and things in their shop now.

They are in the shadow of the Hippodrome and this whole section of town is undergoing a much needed Renaissance. We found out last year that Ron and our friend George have been friends for years and George bought his wife her engagement ring from Ron too. You can follow him on Twitter at @RonSamuelson. He's also in a band and has a blog. Gold has been high lately and I knew he was the right person to go to when I wanted to sell some gold jewelery that I never wore. He will take a 5% cut which is nothing, considering the market changes so quickly.


Thank you Ron for always taking such good care of us and for helping us with our full wedding ring sets. I can't believe the guy in the middle is your Dad. Thank you for your fare pricing and for the amazing job you all did on my charm bracelet. You all are true professionals.


Ron said...

Thank YOU Nelle for the great post. It is the best testimonial we've ever received!! See you soon, Ron Samuelson

Cindy said...

Such beautiful rings and how lucky you are to have found such an amazing jeweler. Every girl needs one she can rely on :)

xo Cindy

pve design said...

What a nice shop - the gentlemen would keep me coming back for more.
I rather like the idea of having my own "jewelry" go to spot! :)