Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good and Dee's Wedding: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Two weekends ago we were able to sneak away for a very short trip to Jamaica to witness Eric's roommate from college, Haygood get married to his stunning bride Dee on the beach.

It's a very short flight from Baltimore to Montego Bay. Just over 3 hours. From the airport it felt like hours to get to the resort. We stayed a the Club Riu Ocho Rios. The weather was perfect!

We took a left on the beach our first night and followed the sounds of the Silver Birds steel drum band who played at the welcome party at the Villa Paradiso. Holy coconuts they were hands down AMAZING! I want a steel drum band this good at every party I go to now. Seriously. They were off the charts playing modern music with an island flare. I got tears in my eyes for the couple walking up seeing everyone so happy watching this band. See video at the end of this post. Can't seem to cut and paste.


We were greeted with Jamaican jerk pork, chicken and the fried dough I think they call delight. No, it's called Festival! Don't you love that?

Haygood and E met at Carolina. Good was a groomsman in our wedding and we still talk about the Haygoodtini that he created that weekend with raspberry stoli, tonic, lime and something else I forget. We love him dearly and feel lucky that we got to see him a lot when we lived in DC. We also love Dee and the fact that she is so good for...Good. They love the same things, are adventurous and big foodies.

Haygood's daughter A is his clone and just the most well behaved, outgoing creature who will be the President of the United States...mark my words.

She nearly stole the show at the wedding.

But then Dee walked down the aisle and jaws dropped. She was a vision.

The ceremony happened just as the sun was setting so the breeze and the shade cooled everything off.

I love the little details.

It was magical and hysterically funny.

Haygood couldn't wait to get to the party!

The meal was delicious. Hot soup on the hottest day, but the ginger was perfect.

I found a charm bracelet fan and talked about each of her charms.

The chicken was stuffed with calaboo, a Jamaican type spinach.

Thirty minutes before the wedding the power blew out for the seventh time at the hotel. Hence the top knot. It was so hot. But as the groom said, it's Jamaica. I couldn't complain.

We had a really fun table and sat with the bride's brother and girlfriend from New York.

A. was hopped up on Tiffany Blue juice. Non-alcoholic, rest assured.

She was so proud of her nails.

It was great seeing E let loose and visit with his college besties.

Michelle was the wedding planner and we bonded at the welcome party. Wedding planning is NO JOKE. I love it the most, but it can be exhausting.

The tent was just as magical as the ceremony. 

Have you all seen Magisto yet? It is the most awesome video photo website. Check out this quick video.

The groom's family women! Mother, sister and aunties.

The end of the night we moved back pool side and the DJ was set up in the gazebo. So. Much. Fun.

The quick dress change was needed to beat the heat. Nice photo bomb.

We saw these snails "kissing" on the way home. 

We are so happy that we could witness this union. Sending you blessings and love for a long and happy married Dee and Haygood. Love, Nelle and E