Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revel Atlantic City

We recently headed up to Atlantic City to put Eric's grandmother's home on the market. She lived 18 miles from Atlantic City. We took a side trip for lunch at Tony Boloney's and walked next door to see the new casino Revel. The lobby was massive with a galactic light fixture. I'm sure at night it looks like the set of Star Wars. I dug it the most and questioned if we were really in the AC.

These orbs are covered in a chiffon-like ruffle. 

The ladies powder rooms carried this fabric-covered-orb-theme through in the light fixtures. Yes, I take photos in the ladies room.

The lobby lounge furniture could be the potential location for a few issues; 1. Oiled up bodies returning from the beach slipping right off of these bad boys. 2. Potential pleather-stick-issues for anyone with exposed skin. Ouch. 3. Germs I'm guessing. There are a lot of swimsuits just yards away from the entrance. But let's move on.

The main lobby escalator lifted it's fair share of blue hairs who were ascending with high hopes to the Casino Level on the second floor. DC folks, this has a very Dupont Circle Metro feel to it, in that it is extremely long and very uncomfortable. Try taking photos on an escalator with a fear of heights. Maybe not such a good idea.

I was taken with this 2,800 pound mobile, that spans three floors, so the photo was worth the fear. It has nearly 20,000 pieces of aluminum attached to 650 different cables. I can't even fathom the installation of this beast but it is stunning. It reflects the light from the ocean and looks like a constant confetti party. We also visited the spa that boasts of 32 treatment rooms. We hope to return to take advantage of the great $75.00 day pass that allows you access to the wet areas of the spa, the pool and an opportunity to slip and slide all over the white pebble chairs in the lobby.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stinger Turns One at Yards Park

My goddaughter Hastings, a.k.a. Stinger, turned one on June 17. It is crazy how fast this past year flew buy. Check here, here and here for our Hastings posts. We drove down to DC to celebrate at a wonderful outdoor venue called Yards Park. The weather was gorgeous and the park had many fountains and shallow rivers for kids to play in. It was an ideal event location for happy children and happier parents. Marge arranged for brick oven pizza's to be delivered from Matchbox and had ice cream, cake and plenty of adult beverages for the big kids. It was so easy, simple and everyone was relaxed. Isn't that the best kind of party?

"I'm One Y'all!!!" Best rock star impression ever Stinger. She was ready for the party and loved playing in the water. We got stuck in a little National's traffic coming in from Baltimore so missed the wet fest.

We loved seeing so many of our friends from DC and their kids who are all growing up way too fast. Check out Kirstie's new fabulous website. If you are traveling with kids to DC this is a must read!

It was also great seeing Hastings' Hiller grandparents.

Stinger loves to wave and was listening intently when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. 

She did a dainty job of attacking the cake.

The little darling started walking 7 days before her first birthday. Again, this child is a rock star!

I, of course, couldn't get enough of her and lucked out getting to feed her.

Pure bliss!

Paparazzi Nellie tried something to see if she would pose...

...she was not having it. Smart girl.

Post dinner she did a few downward dog sun salutations.

Loved seeing Kathryn and Whitney too! Little T was playing shy.

Daddy Scott created a perfect bubble show. I simply adore this shot.

We went for a walk to check out the big kids in the deeper pools from an above deck. One day Hastings darling, you'll be big enough, but can you slow your role on growing up so fast please oh please?

The sunglasses game is another favorite.

Marge thanks for such a fun party and exposing us to a great new park!
"Look people, 7 days and I'm workin' it!" She has the most hysterical wiggle walk and Marge and I cracked up over this photo.

Happy Birthday precious child. You are beautifully and marvelously made. We love you to pieces and your fabulous folks, Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be Present

E and I celebrated five years of marriage yesterday. We spent the day in New Jersey with his cousins for an incredible rib feast and family gathering. His cousin Irv cooked 52 pounds of ribs. The thermostat in the car hit 106 degrees on the drive up. In the middle of dinner the power went out at Irv and Esther's home. It was crazy hot but thankfully it was only out for thirty minutes. The food and fellowship was a huge gift. E continues to build the recipe of his grandfather Bub's famous ribs.  I love hearing him tell the story of watching his granddaddy wake up early, light his cigar and baste the ribs all day with his mustard base sauce. E would look out the window of his grandparents room and stare in wonder. I'm convinced this is a reason he loves to cook so much and especially grill out.

We are broke, jobless, and saving every penny we can until we figure out our next step with our future. At times we have felt like we are on the tarmac of our lives just waiting. Waiting for work. Waiting for news. Waiting for a child. Waiting, waiting, waiting to figure out what is next. With all of these trials and tribulations however, we have truly never been closer and happier in our five years of marriage and seven years together. God is so good and we know something incredible is on the horizon. I have to constantly remind myself to "be present". It is inscribed in E's wedding ring and is such a good reminder.  

Thank you Charlie for your incredible strength, faith and love in this tarmac time. You are my rock my darling. I love, love, love you the most and thank you for loving me still. Love, Mrs. Somerville

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anyone for Tennis? @wimbledon


We've enjoying being inside watching The Championships this week due to the heat in the Mid-Atlantic. We lucked out and only lost power for 10 hours after last Friday's crazy storm. Is anyone as obsessed with Wimbledon as I am? The Brits are too cute with their Andy Murray love, and deservedly so. The Queen's Jubilee and having the Olympic Games this summer makes having a Brit in the final very appropriate, don't you think? This Wimbledon has  been so exciting with great ups and downs. The roof debate has been interesting and I can't imagine playing on grass under a roof. Seems counterintuitive. It is an outdoor tournament. Growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan gave us lots of opportunity to watch some of the best players in the country. I was a score keeper for Michael Chang's brother back in the late 80's. The USTA Boys 16 & 18s Nationals are played in my hometown. They serve Blueberries and Cream as an ode to Wimbledon's Strawberries and Cream delight. One of these years we hope to hit the trifecta of Grand Slams with the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.




It was great seeing the Royal Family get behind one of their countrymen as well and the folks in and out of the Royal Box. Kate looked lovely as always. I'm really looking forward to Andy Murray and Roger Federer in the finals. How great to have the favorite son and the hometown son playing each other. I am a softy for Roger however and hope he will hit lucky number seven Wimbledon championships. I think he is the most talented tennis player and love to watch him hit. 


I've loved playing regular tennis again. E and I play once a week and I finally found a group this winter to play doubles. Now who out there can teach me this classic one hand back hand?