Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 year in review

My birthday in February brought three feet of snow to Baltimore last year. I nick named it Snow No You Don't!

Our trip to San Francisco was a much needed break from the snow. We had a great time in Napa Valley and visiting with the Underwoods and Candy and Jo.

Annette came for a great visit in the spring which meant we had lots of friends visit for a party at Stone Hill. We then headed to Atlanta for Harrison and Maria's wedding in April. It took us 18 hours to return due to car difficulties. Team Somerville was coined.

I got to meet the Voltaggio brothers at Preakness.

E. finished his Masters this year!

I had a long vacation with Momma at the lake.

I celebrated my 20th high school reunion at Food Dance in Kalamazoo and the visit with my crazy friends was the BEST! I went to kindergarten with three people in this photo!

I got to reunite with my darling cousin Tayloe and her family during that same trip in July.

I had a great culinary experience in L.A. trying a bacon covered donut in August. I got to see our best man Todd and my youth groupie Lizzo!

 I started this blog after returning from the trip to LA.

Yes I canned tomato sauce for the first time ever in September.

Ten second chicken in the fall.

Lots of farmers market visits this summer.

Legacy Chase with great friends.

Petey visits from Wisconsin!

We got to meet Meg from Pigtown Design at her Pigtown Pop Up at Housewerks. 

Later in the fall I enjoyed a rowdy dinner with Meg and ADG.

Our Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken brought a new friend from Sweden. Ella, posted her goat cheese chicken making the world even smaller. She is writing her blog in English, her second language and doing a bang up job if you ask me. Well done Ella. You've been a joy to "meet" this year.

The Follow the Yellow Ball post was the biggest hit on the blog this year. The blog was nominated for a Mobbie.

Eric's best childhood friend got married! We had the best time and I cry re-reading this post. We had the best time with Kevin and Carla.

We had so many wonderful breakfast at Stone Hill. 

Susan and George had their darling Jemma in December.

Marge and Scott gave us great news that they are expecting!

My sweet Katiecakes is moving for a great opportunity. I've loved having her as such a gift in Baltimore these last three years.

We look forward to the Stone Hill picnic every year.

We finished our first race together.

We became Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie.

And loved our time in Kalamazoo at Christmas.

We've had an incredible 2010. Thanks to everyone for making it so wonderful. Happy New Year!


Ella said...

Thanks Nelle you are too sweet!


Susan said...

Love you, Nelle! It was great spending another year with you.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

What a fun round-up. First, I'm so jealy you met the Voltaggio brothers! Love them.

I have my 20th h.s. reunion coming up this year...I need to lose 1000 lbs by April. The holidays did not help! But really, I'm super nervous to go. I missed my 10 year b/c I was living in NY and it took place just 2 months after 9.11 and I was too chicken to fly.

I love the idea of your annual picnic. I want to do a picnic like style bday party for Stella...spreading out lots of quilts in the backyard.

Your jarred tomato sauce looks good! Oh, and I went to San Fran for the first time this past year and fell in love.

Whew - had lots to comment on. Happy New Year, Nelle! xoxo

Nelle Somerville said...

Ella and Susan, big hugs.

Tiffany! I adore you. You are hilarious and adorable and love your over commenting!!!

I'm just realizing I forgot another great wedding in April and a visit from another sorrority sister this summer. Our photos are all on different computers. This year I hope to put them all in one spot.

Anonymous said...

What a year! Thanks for sharing it with us! Love, Wendy