Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Miracle on 34th Street

I've been having a hard time getting motivated for Christmas decorating this year. We still have pumpkins on the window sills and I'm still putting stuff away from Thanksgiving. We are still turned upside down in the shed-soon-to-be-office and we are both slammed with work stuff. Even so, how could we be delayed when we have The Miracle on 34th Street just blocks away from us in Hampden?

The street is strung with lights.

And all the neighbors participate.

Just a cruise down this block is sure to get anyone out of the worst of funks and winter blues.

There is even a Peace House.

Some of the neighbors even open their homes for tours. I LOVE this town! This block honestly makes me tear up it is such a happy place. I've heard the city even gives them a break in electricity bills for the month of December.

There are vendors selling terrible hot chocolate, but it's worth it to help support the folks. Someone should create a hot chocolate "food truck" with whipped lattes, coco, Peppermint or Egg Nog shots. The staff could be dressed up as Sugar Plum Fairies and give you a gingerbread cookie with purchase. Dude, who is in?!

I need to become more aware, as our advent newsletter from Memorial reminds us. Aware of God's presence in the littlest of things. Not just worried about the checklist that needs to be ticked off, but of the more important things. Like why we celebrate Christmas. 

Maybe we won't get a tree this year. We'll just take continuous walks down The Miracle on 34th Street to enjoy the fellowship of families, neighbors and visitors from far and wide and celebrate Christmas in our messy, turned upside down home.

Thank you neighbors! Every year you put forth such joy that is contagious. I believe you are the spirit of Christmas. And thank you Memorial Episcopal for the wonderful Advent reminder of Awareness events.


Karena said...

Nelle I am glad that there are those who can decorate like this.

I just read Reggie's blog and see we are in agreemen!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

Incredibly spirited images....makes me feel all giddy.