Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I copied this idea from my wonderful Uncle John. He was an architect and was so creative. I saved his watercolor cards and gave them to Susan and Lucy for Christmas the year after he passed away. The two inch paintings were so beautiful and I actually made them into ornaments by adding a grommet and gold string. It may be my favorite gift I've ever given for Christmas.

I keep my little cards in a Christmas box (from my Aunt Nina) and bring them out each year. This year I brought them to work to brighten up my desk.

The Russian nesting dolls are from a great friend and are so cheerful on my desk.

I tried to create luminaria leading up the path to this little gingerbread house.

All the men in my family smoke pipes. This card was for my Daddy. This year I need to make a birdie for my Momma who is Queen of the Bird Nerds! Baby Andrew may get a little St. Andrew icon and Mac will get a pair of dangling hockey skates. E. should get a soccer ball and Elise gets an angel! Francie will get the Three Wise Men. Whew! I better start painting now!!! 

My grandmother Tayloe made this precious card with wee little ornaments.

I love seeing her handwriting each year, writing "with much love" to my Granddaddy.

Francie made this one with a very old photo of Mac, Uncle Johnny and me (looking like a boy). It is humongous, gaudy and makes me so happy. I hunt for trees with big holes so I can fit this ornament inside the tree every year. 

Kindness and thank you to my grandmother's who are and were so crafty, I love you and thank you for inspiring me to be crafty with my hands. And thank you Momma for always encouraging me to paint from the first drawing on the marble table to now. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Such saved memories! Love that!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Ooooohhh...I really love these and the fact that you're carrying out your uncle's tradition. They are really darling, Nelle! xoxo

Ella said...

That watercolor Christmas tree went straight to my heart! I have to try that as I once upon a time liked to paint with water colors.

pve design said...

oh, i do hope that you will have those tiny watercolors framed! they would be lovely hung at christmas.
happy memories and many more treasures...