Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We left our cozy Stone Hill for a drive in the country this past weekend. We had a whole day to just hang so we headed to historic Frederick, Maryland.

We parked on Market and 3rd Streets which is directly across from Volt.  

I remembered that our friend's sister owns a bed and breakfast on 3rd Street called the Hill House. We went to peek in the front door window and Damian came out and joked, "You have to ring the doorbell for someone to answer." I asked her if she remembered me and we quickly reconnected after nine years. We had the best visit with her in the parlor. I told her that I got to meet Bryan and Michael Voltagio at Preakness this year and that Bryan spoke so highly of Hill House. Turns out Damian kept all of Volt's chefs during the blizzard of 2010.

Bryan and Michael Voltagio were on Top Chef Season 6, the best season in my opinion.

We are going to save Volt for another visit when we can stay over at Hill House but have heard great reviews. We could have walked in and found a seat at the bar easily.

Retro Metro
Frederick has 75 blocks of historic richness. There are so many amazing independent shops. Here are a few of my favorites.

Velvet Lounge

Accessories of Old, A Vintage Emporium
 This was such a fun find. The owner sells vintage buttons, ribbons, costume jewelry and trim. I have no idea how he stays in business, but I adore this shop. Please order on-line from them.

I'd like a wall of ribbon at Stone Hill. Uncle Charlie, are you reading? Can you make me one?

There were yards and yards of trim, lace, velvet, you name it...this guy had it on one of the walls.

But my absolute favorite was the wall of buttons! I 

And funky pins.

They are all circa 1946!!! It reminds me of my grandmother's sewing box.

Where did he find this stuff? Poor E. I could have shopped for hours here. I see sock monkey eye buttons in my future from this cute spot.

The streets are so charming.


The Frederick Arts Council is very active in this city. The Delaplaine Visual Arts Center reminds me of the Kalamazoo Institute of Art where E. and I had our wedding reception, and where I grew up taking art classes. I wish we had one of these arts centers in Baltimore that wasn't as intimidating as taking art classes at MICA. Follow them on Twitter @delaplaine.

There are trompe l'oeil murals everywhere. They are breathtaking and insist on second glances.

The buildings are just gorgeous.

There was an art show in one of the buildings and I fell in LOVE with these precious flasks. Notice what the designer is wearing around her neck?

Ha! A mini flask. Wouldn't these be a fun twist for a bridal shower gift?

I'm a silver junkie always looking for sterling napkin rings. I try to find ones that don't have a monogram or ones with our monogram.

We are hunting for dining room chairs and I found these cute trucks for the little Boo Boos. 

Probably not good for kids to play with lead cars, right?

We had a late lunch at Brewer's Alley.

And watched the end of the Raven's game. 

I could do a lot of damage at The Muse.

We noticed the wallet I recently gave to E. was sold here too. Our barista from Spro makes them.

Follow @LindsayTron on Twitter. Her bags are called Clever Cat Bags. 

You will notice her Clever Cat buttons on her products. She makes wallets and messenger bags out of recycled coffee bean bags.

I'm eyeing that little bunny towel and the felted soaps. When you wash your hands the felt works as an exfoliant. The felt shrinks with the soap. Love.

We then walked down to Carrol Creek to work off a few calories. 


This is the Community Bridge which is another trompe l'oeil painting. Look closely. There is even a sign off the highway pointing you in its direction.

From far away it looks like a stone bridge.

But it is painted to looks like stone.

Nellie Nelle loves E. Boogie!

You can sit on any number of benches along the creek and just take in the day.

There are even Celtic Knots on the bridge.

You can sit for ours and just meditate here. The sounds of the water are so relaxing.

We thank the good people of Frederick for their hospitality. We can't wait to get away again for a full weekend.


Pigtown-Design said...

Excellent adventure!

Didn't know you collect silver. just picked up a HUGE platter with an "S" engraved on it. Also, made some of those felted soaps last year. They're brilliant.

Cindy said...

Amazing post and pics!! Looks like an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing.

xo Cindy

Bethany said...

What a beautiful post! I live in Frederick and love the gorgeous images you captured of my town! Next time you're in the area, give me a call!~

Nelle Somerville said...

Meg, that platter sounds awesome!
Cindy, kiss hug kiss!
Bethany, I would LOVE to meet you the next time we are in town. I didn't know you lived in Frederick!

Anonymous said...

That is nice to see my city in your eyes!

Karena said...

Nelle, Wonderful getaway....would love to visit Frederick! So many fab bulidings, shops and the color!

Art by Karena

strawberriesinparis said...

Beautiful collection of Frederick! So glad you enjoyed it here as much as I have over the past 6 months!