Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bright Lights and Tree Skirts

I did finally get a tree last weekend and this may be my favorite ornament of all time. This brass little snowflake is a touch plate that dims our tree to three different settings at the slightest of touches.



Extra Bright and Sparkly. You can even pretend to "blow out" the tree to unsuspecting little ones. It's Magic. I found it in Georgetown years ago and wish I got it as gifts for everyone I know. I haven't seen one since. I'm a little obsessed with my our tree. The first year E. and I were dating we tried to put it up together and it was a disaster. I have control issues and I need the tree lights to be perfect. How annoying is that? Um, sorry you can't help me put the tree lights up if you don't weave them around each branch and go in and out of the tree for light depth? But it's who I am and I own the "annoyingness" and we have worked out a system. Now E. reads the computer as I deck the boughs. This year was the best EVER! We were both relaxed and all was calm and bright!

I love having our tree up and decorated. The memories of past trips are at every turn.

I have a few felted ornaments that I got on pilgrimage to the Shenandoah Valley. The little mountain shop closed but it was such a wonderful stop before heading into  Skyline Drive for a hike. 

I was inspired by Anne Harwell at Annechovie all the way from Florida. Her "If-Charlie-Brown-Was-A-Girl-Tree" post asked the question, does this tree need anything? I sent her a photo of a swatch of fabric and the silver sequined lame seemed a perfect fit! She posted the photo and I think the Bling From Baltimore looks stunning! I love how blogs make the world seem smaller and friend network grow wider.

I had so much fabric left over that I decided to see how it looked under our tree. I love it. After reading one of Summer is a Verb's posts this week I suggested that I cut up my great grandmother's mink for a fabulous tree skirt. Mother would skin me for sure but I love the idea of a modern twist on the skirt.

I'm so thankful for new friends and inspiration from my blogger pals! Also to Uncle Charlie who is so patient with me and my OCD tree issues. Thank you sweet Charlie!


Ella said...

I love this traveling around watching Christmas trees in the home of my blogger friends. Yours is wonderful. What do you think about a book that presents all kind of Christmas trees and the traditions and family rituals to get it and decorate it.

Molly White Marketing said...

I have tree issues too, and therefore have to string all 12 strands of lights myself to get it just right, because you're right, they have to have depth and there have to be a lot of them! There is a RIGHT way to string them! ;-) I had to let go a little with the ornaments b/c the kids wanted to help and I like that so not all the balls are buried deep in the tree like they should be and there are clusters down low, but it's a family tree and I like it that way.

Your tree is beautiful! Merry Christmas!