Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

We really had the best Thanksgiving. It was our first time hosting at Stone Hill. We borrowed a six foot table from Katiecakes and had eleven people for dinner. We found fabulous chairs at the Turnover Shop and I felt so prepared.

I've been saving these little cordial cups and just loved the way the rosemary looked in them. My Momma and Daddy gave us their English Renaissance china for our wedding. We love it.

We had a great day and again were so, so happy to have my beautiful grandmother with us. Lucy and Susan brought her this scarf from their summer trip to China. I can hardly believe she is 92 years young.

Lucy was a huge help.

I let her loose in my craft closet and she helped decorate the place cards.

Francie enjoyed the newly heated Breezeway and some reading.

Susan, Eric and I did a lot of work in the kitchen.

It was awesome. I did have one minor melt down and asked my loving family to leave the kitchen. We were getting lots of direction and "are you sure you want to do that? kind of comments. I finally said, If we were going to fail, E. and I will have to fail together. It was actually the best part of the day because Eric and I felt like such partners and became Team Somerville once again.

We roasted pine nuts for the Brussels Sprouts.

E. took out the dry brined turkey and rubbed it inside and out with an herb butter made from fresh sage and our good neighbors thyme.

We stuffed it with tons of rosemary, cored apples and onions. I left out the lemon because Mary Frances is allergic. God forbid she gets here safely on a plane, by herself, to have an allergic reaction to our bird.

We added celery, onions and apples in the pan with two cups of water. We had the oven preheated to 450 degrees.

We turned the heat down after thirty minutes and it looked like this just after thirty minutes. It was GORGEOUS. E. basted it every thirty minutes for three hours. Thanks to Guy and Pam for their last minute baster loan.

Susan helped make our New York Brussels Sprouts with purple onion and pine nuts.

I made cranberry sauce three days earlier that turned out so well. I hate cranberry sauce. This one was seriously amazing. I used one and a half bags of fresh cranberries, made a simple syrup on the stove and cooked them just until they started to pop. I added the peel of one orange thinly sliced. Finally, I grated one large knuckle of ginger and added two tablespoons of Port Wine. I let it cool and put a handful of fresh berries while it was cooling and the orange slices. It was joy rapture in your mouth.

The turkey was not only gorgeous but I think it was the best I've ever had. It was perfectly cooked and the little pop up thing jumped out at just the right time.

I was so proud of my husband. That is a 22 pound bird and kinda hot. We let it rest for thirty minutes.

We put the stuffing in the oven and asked everyone to pray as it was still warming up. The food was actually warm when I sat down!

We were blessed with great friends and family. 

We will cherish this time together and our memories of this past weekend for years.

I love this photo of Eric's sister and his Daddy.

My aunt is so wonderful and the best kind of guest. She was a rock star in the kitchen. Do you recognize her? She's an actress and was Dr. G. on Sex in the City. She was also in Leaving Las Vegas and a ton of theatre on an off Broadway. I spent so many Thanksgiving's with Susan that I feel like Thanksgiving is "our" holiday. It was so wonderful having her with us in our home finally with Lucy!

I'm also thankful to have my great grandmother's china serving bowls. It's a little thing but I love how this "stuff" connects us to the past.

I also loved looking across our table and seeing my darling husband happy as a clam.

We are blessed beyond measure and are truly thankful to have had the space and time to be with family and friends this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our jobs, our health and all the projects that Stone Hill keeps us busy with. We are now setting our sites on Christmas and the new bundle of joy that is Andrew McWilliams! Yesterday was his birthday and it is also St. Andrew's Feast Day. I could hardly believe it. He is the patron saint of Scotland!!! Hoping all of you had enjoyable time with your families too.


Samma said...

Everything looks beautiful and delicious! What a wonderful holiday y'all had!

Hot Pink Dahlia said...

I love your Thanksgiving table, the food looks is always good to realize how strong your relationship is when you are tested with challenges including the little ones...

I was in Miami with my in-laws, and it was traditionally different for me, check out at my blog!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed and your positive energy is contagious! I love reading your posts :)

Nelle Somerville said...

Thanks ladies!!!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Team Somerville! That turkey with that herbed butter looks divine! And can we discuss your CRAFT CLOSET? I'm super jealy.

Susan said...

I was so happy to be part of Team Somerville! It was a perfect Thanksgiving. Your post captured it all beautifully. Thanks for the memories Nelle and Eric.