Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gertrude's with Francie

I love that my grandmother and John Shields were gossiping within seconds of meeting. This week has been busy so I'm still posting photos from Thanksgiving week. We took the family to Gertrude's for dinner on Black Friday. It was beyond wonderful. I have people photos verses food photos. I was just too distracted by great company and conversation.

I love listening to my grandmother tell stories.

She was the center of attention.

My godmother Mary T. came up from Virginia for dinner as well. Most of the table had crab cakes, fried oysters, and Doug's fantastic desserts. The Mojo Candy bar has to be on your list if you havent' been to Gertrude's yet.

It was wonderful visiting with John Francis and John Shields and finally introducing them to my sweet Eric. I can't believe it took this long for the introduction. Eric knew I had travelled with these guys to Toronto and L.A. and it was great to finally have my favorite guy meet my favorite guys! 

The guys are partners in business and have been partners in life for 17 years and celebrate meeting over Thanksgiving every year. John Francis was working as a social worker in a soup kitchen where John brought food and volunteered on Thanksgiving day in Berkeley. The rest is history. They are wonderful, fabulous people.

Mary T. picked up John's cookbook for a few lucky people.

The museum store at the Baltimore Museum of Art is the decked out for the holidays.

They have a great selection of ornaments and cards. And the baby section is not to be missed.

Eric was surrounded by women. Lucy, Susan, Francie, me and Mary T.

The next photos are just little jewels that were taken over our three days together.

"This is my 'Go To Hell' hat."

Au revoir mon petite grande mere. I miss you already.


LPC said...

Wonderful photos. Such a happy family. And isn't that hat called a Tam O'Shanter? Or something like that? Anyway, Francie looks smashing.

Hot Pink Dahlia said...

Looks great..I will have to check it out...Do you like your waffle maker..i am thinking my husband would really like one!

Nelle Somerville said...

Thanks LPC, and Dahlia, yes, we love our waffle maker. It is Eric's go to weekend treat.

Anonymous said...

Another great post! I was the Special Events Manager in the 90's for the BMA, so I worked with John as he was opening the restaurant! His John is lovely. I have cherished my autographed cookbook for many years.

You mentioned traveling with the guys, what did you all do?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and shouldn't everyone have a GTH hat? I think I need to get one :)

John Shields said...

I love Francie! It was a joy meeting your grandmother and listening to her mesmerizing tales. She knows how to enthrall a table full of people. I can see from where you get your joy and enthusiasm for life. It was a great evening. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the celebration. Eric is a sweetheart. You did real good...and so did he, by the way!