Friday, January 10, 2014

Holiday Mead, Wine and Ice Cream Tasting Tour

Okay, so I know my last post had the Millstone Cellars in it, but we went again in December and I think it's fun to see how I viewed the space the second time. So again, bear with me for the random data dumping posts. My niece was in town the first weekend of December and we took the opportunity to go over the river and through the woods back to Monkton. 

It was cold! I don't remember a December being this cold since I was in college in Wisconsin in the 90s. Brrrr! My niece is 7 years younger than I am. She calls me Aunty Nelle, jokingly. She's my step-sister's oldest. We don't use the "step" word in our family. I think Ali was so fed up with us for not showing up for Thanksgiving the last jillion years in Kentucky that she emailed me a few weeks before her visit and said, "We were thinking of coming to Baltimore." She talked some nonsense about coming and staying at the hotel where I work. Pssshaaaw! They had to stay at Stone Hill Farm, duh. So they did. We are so lucky that people just email and say they want to come and two weeks later they are here. That has happened on a few occasions. This blog is good promo for our family and friends I guess. :)

It was so neat going back only a few weeks later to Millstone. The cellars had completely different batches of cider and mead to taste. This lemongrass one smelled citrusy and fresh.

The chalk descriptors seemed like art to me. Turns out an artist wrote all of them.

Kyle, the owner's son, in the red shirt, showed us around the space on this visit. His tour was a little bit more detailed so we asked tons of questions. This door is where they bring the hose in to fill up the barrels. 

I'm obsessed with this red siding.

We got to try the fish pepper Bonfire small batch cider that we saw aging in October. I think it was cider. Or was it mead? I have no idea but it tasted so different and unique. Smoky, spicy and unlike anything I'd ever tried before. It was really crowded with a singles meet up group during our tasting. Made us all chuckle that I was hit on by a late 60 year old guy. I told him I was very happily married, thank you very much! 

After falling in love all over again with the stone walls at the cider house, we decided we were up for a little tasting adventure and headed  to Boordy Vineyards. It is only a 20 mile drive down the most charming, curvy, country road. We had been speaking about touring this local Maryland vineyard forever. E had never been.

The holiday decorations were beautiful and we lucked out to hear a live band performing during the first part of our tasting this one Saturday afternoon.

The main hall was decorated with a huge tree and the space has picnic tables where you can bring lunch and enjoy the wine that you buy in the shop. We did a very easy and affordable $5.00 tasting. We even got a Boordy wineglass included in that price. Good golly this would be unheard of in the Napa Valley. It was SUCH a deal!

The servers don't speak of terroir or provenance of the vines. It is just a fabulously unpretentious little experience. The Shiraz is my favorite.

We skipped the tour because we missed it by a half an hour and didn't have time to wait for the next one. I think we literally drank and ran after about 30 minutes. I liked that they didn't stick you in this whole big sales process, long ass tour. Thank you Boordy.

We loved having Alison and Matt visit all the way from Hot Lanta.

While driving down the cute and windy road on the way from Millstone to Boordy we passed this PRECIOUS pasture of cows. Matt read the sign that said ice cream. While tasting at Boordy all our visitors could think about was ice cream. Well hell, we turned right around and went straight back to this mecca of grass-fed goodness called Prigel Family Creamery. 

Hey good lookin'.

I'm talkin' to you gorgeous! I mean seriously, are these not the cutest cows you ever did clap your eyes on? I went to school in Wisconsin. I know cute cows. These reminded me of the ones you see in Ireland. I'm sure it is some fantastic breed. 

We were all pretty excited to get samples and go to town on this luxurious, well loved and well made ice cream. Shakes, cones and sprinkles were had by all!

Thanks Matt and Ali for the wonderful visit. More on the rest of your trip soon.

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