Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Book Book Club and Binge Holiday Film Fest

The night before surgery and all through the book club babes came over for a no book book club. We are reading Steve Jobs, which is a tome, so we skipped a book for December and had a holiday gathering instead.

It was so unbelievably amazing to have these women cuddled up with me the night before my surgery in front of a fire. It kept me completely distracted. We giggled about my banishing the red wine drinkers to a spill free zone.

We had Joe Squared pizza, salads and risotto. I had lots of fizzy water.

Two of the ladies brought home baked cookies. The peanut butter kiss cookies are one of my favorite Christmas cookies. Well done Lane! Em made Martha's Mexican chocolate cookies. Serious yum factor with a kick to boot. My surgery wasn't until 4:00 pm the next day. I had to go in at 2:00 pm and wasn't wheeled back until about 4:30 pm. Don't you know I was dreaming about those damn cookies I was so starved after fasting from midnight they day before. Not even a drop of water. Have mercy.

Eric's wonderful mother gave us this little tree last year and I kept the light on the entire recovery in our bedroom, like a night light. 

The same tree lit this reading session a few days afterwards and a sweet visit. Susan and J. stopped by and brought me salted caramel ice cream from the Charmery. I ate the entire thing in one sitting and loved having the company. Em and her gang also came by that night with dinner. God bless you all!

As foggy as it was, recovery was spent binge watching Christmas movies. Here are a few of my "must watch" list and their trailers. Elf of course! Santa! I know him.

The Santa Clause is sweet and hilarious. The little boy in this movie reminds me of my brother. Tim Allen went to Western Michigan and is the voice of the Pure Michigan promotional videos. A "Rose Suchuck Ladder" is probably one of the most adorable ideas in the movie. 

Home Alone can't be missed. The church scene got me choked up this year.

I finally broke down and ordered Little Women via Amazon this year. I had a VHS "tape" of it and we no longer have a VCR. It was time. Man am I glad. The snow scenes. France. The costumes. Oh the costumes. I love Susan Sarandon's roll as she influences her Little Women to "be smart, glamorous and know all the answers."

Girl crush Cameron and Jude Law. English snow filled fields and a stone cottage. Need I say more? I may love the houses in this movie more than the people. Has anyone done a home exchange. I'm obsessed with trying to get back to Scotland and think that could be a great trade.

The journey, the snow, the mountains, the luxury hotel and spa.  Queen Latifa and LL Cool Jay all come together for this major escape. The food scenes are also fantastic with Gerade Depardieu.

This trailer is hilarious. Love Actually is NOT the movie I should have shown my in-laws at Thanksgiving. I always forget about the awkward porn stars. AWKWARD. But still one of my favorite movies of all time. Cry like a baby each time.

If you haven't seen Fred Claus, rent it to enjoy an all star cast and laughs. We started watching this with Eric's family as a tradition 4ish years ago. Vince Vaughn is epic Vince Vaugh. Ludacris as the elf DJ is outstanding. Kevin Spacey is wonderfully sinister. Paul Giomatti is the ugliest Santa I've ever seen and the support group scene is monumentally tragic with some other funny cameos.

Thank you book club babes for taking such good care of me the night before and supporting me after the surgery. I'm such a lucky girl to have met all of you, who happen to be such good bakers and cooks!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our tree is finally without it's ornaments but sits empty in our dining room. I'm hoping by the 18th to kick it to the curb. Thank you again Jean Somerville for nursing me back to health, giving us that cute little bedroom tree and the new ornaments to go on it. We love you!!! Thanks for letting me not forget Christmas is over just yet in my mind. 

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