Sunday, January 26, 2014

Barefoot Contessa Chocolate Chunk Cookies

After missing the Christmas cookie season I got a wild hair and whipped up Ina's Chocolate Chunk cookies. I usually just use the Toll House recipe on the back of the bag. They were sold out of the regular sized morsels so I grabbed the chocolate chunks. Who knew? I'd been reading the Barefoot Contessa Parties cookbook and saw this recipe and just happened to already have the chunky chunks in my pantry. Score on so many fronts.  

Ina's recipes are flawless in my opinion. I've never ever had an issue. If I add extra cheese to the spinach gratin, it turns out greasy. Trust me and TRUST our dear and beloved Ina. The girl has tested her recipes. 

I used a huge ass ice cream scoop vs the danty 1 3/4 inch one she suggests. I knew they looked huge but put them in the oven anyway.

I checked them at about 4 minutes and knew they were all wrong. I salvaged the second sheet but the first one was a goner. Some mistakes turn out to be blessings in disguise. I cut the melty cookies in half, pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment paper, and started over, making smaller melted mounds. It had a swirly, marbled effect on these little babies. No harm. No foul.

You only cook these cookies for 15 minutes at 350. Do as she says, exactly. This was the "perfect" batch.

Down to cooking them on the sheet for a few extra minutes outside of the oven and then moving them to the cooling racks. 

The bottoms of the cookies were just perfection. Can you hear my enthusiasm Ina? I love you! Thank you for the tireless hours you spend on these recipes. 

I have been craving sugar like MAD crazy after my surgery. The medicine has curbed my appetite and by the end of the day I'm starving and pound a coca-cola. I never drink Coke's anymore and have had one a day for the last two weeks. I haven't had caffeine or wine/beer/alcohol but lots of hot chocolate and sugary stuff. When I don't have it, I get headaches. I realized this week, "Holy f-bomb, I'm addicted to sugar, and bad." So I hopped on the Twitter highway and reconnected with Sarah Stanley, a fantastic health coach and inspiration to get back on track. I happened to jump on her #wellnesschat this past Thursday night at 8:00 pm eastern and even won something! More on that soon. E took the cookies to work. Another blessing in disguise.

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