Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mrs. Claus Christmas Card 2013

The same day of our adventures with Ali and Matt, we were all pretty exhausted from the mead, wine and ice cream tasting. My one goal for that weekend, other than loving on our guests, was to get a tree. I promised E. I would take ten seconds picking it out. I'm not one to belabor purchases. If anything I make way too many impulse buys. But on this Saturday in early December my quick decision paid off and we found the best Christmas tree we've ever had. Strapped him to the roof and were homeward bound for football within a half an hour. While driving back down The Avenue in Hampden, what did my wondering eyes did appear? My KATIECAKES decked out for her Mrs. Claus Crawl. Remember Katie lives in Philly now, so seeing her singing on the steps of Ma Petite Shoe was pure kismet. We had to stop. And then we had to explain to our visitors about Mrs. Claus. I really wanted this photo of Eric and I with Katie to be our 2013 Christmas card. I just simply couldn't get my act together with the surgery this year. My sweet Wendy in DC said, "Your Instagram feed IS YOUR CARD." Truer words could not be spoken sweet @wendyindc. 

Katie's theme for this year was Mrs. Cop Claus. She shakes it up every year. 

The ladies were walking down to Cafe Hon so we parked and came in for Claus-a-palooza four part harmony carol fest. The ladies all walk in the Mayors Parade each year but this year was snowed out!

I love our quirky city and running into Katie and her crew was such a highlight of that fun weekend.

Christmas Tree 2013, how lovely are your branches. It's still up in our living room one week after Epiphany. My foot is the excuse for everything as of late and I'm okay with that. 


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Anonymous said...

I lived in Baltimore for several years in the late 80s/early 90s and later moved to Annapolis as a newlywed. I have lived in New England now for many years. I enjoy your blog because I too, LOVE your quirky city and I miss it often! Take care.