Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow, Man

Earlier this week we had a gorgeous snowfall and chilly Polar Vortex temps in the teens. We had low digits, but nothing like my memories of going to Ripon College in the early 90s. It is number 18 of the coldest colleges in Huff Post. My foot is finally starting to feel better and I just had to get out of the house while it was still snowing. I could actually wear both LLBean boots so that was a huge bonus. No more open toed orthotic shoe. 

I went to check the front porch and this is what I found. This snow was so fine it blew in through our screens.

In my opinion, there is no more beautiful sound than that of a tennis ball can opening and the crunch of your feet on freshly fallen "dry" snow. This was perfect powder.

This snow didn't hang on the limbs like our last snow. Bone crushing (yes that is how my foot actually felt when the weather got to 7 degrees) cold. I'm such a whiner but I figure I want to remember how this feels so I take care of myself and my cartilage.

The Kenworthy's gave us this St. Francis bird bath and it makes our little garden complete. I'm glad I didn't cut the lavender back. 

E. really did peg me with a snowball. 

We stopped by to get Nancy and Kristian for a turn around the hood. It was the furthest I had walked in over a month.

I was pissed that the snow ball that hit me had been packed firmly...but I can't stay mad at this handsome beast of a man.

Use a flash in a snow storm. It was magical. Our neighbors just had a huge pine tree cut down at the end of this lane. It makes such a huge difference in the light coming home now.

Each house and yard in Stone Hill is so different. I love the uniqueness of them all.

The kids all had toddy's to keep them warm. I had my camera and big rimmed hat. I'm still on the dry wagon. 46 days and counting. E was overzealous with the snowballs. 

Even our four legged friends braved the snow to walk around the hood.

This alley has such a Dickensonian feel to it. No filter. Just naturally gray without a tread in sight.

No one does this in the Mid-west. 


We keep spying on The Mill and like seeing lights on inside.

Thanks for the lovely walk N&K. E, thanks for the bruise.

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