Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snow Beautiful

On our last day with Ali and Matt, the heavens opened and it snowed hard and fast all morning. Our little Atlanta visitors were overjoyed. As were we. We had reservations at Woodberry Kitchen for brunch and the ride there felt like we were in a snow globe.

It felt like we got 4 inches in 10 minutes. Seriously, I don't remember a snow coming down so fast in a very long time. No wonder they cancelled the Mayor's Christmas parade that day.

Snowfall truly NEVER gets old. I love that we've had so much snow early this winter. If it is going to be dark and gray I expect to have snow on the ground.

Amy's planters were beautiful. The decorations for Christmas at Woodberry Kitchen are magnificent. Simple little cedar trees are even in the powder rooms.

Matt owns a coffee shop in Athens, GA so it was fun bringing him to this mecca of coffee perfection to discuss all things coffee.

Ali was so pleased that they have a Gluten Free optional menu.

She wore her sticker all day. 

I love that I can get half an egg's Benedict. So does my heart. I do feel spoiled fresh!

We then decided to go down to LAMILL at the Four Seasons for our second coffee pilgrimage of the day. E. encouraged me to take this snow globe car photo. It was so pretty.

We snuggled into the sofa at Wit and Wisdom, watched the snow fall, listened to the Raven's cheers, and decided to have a bit of a Sunday Funday. Manhattan's are always a good idea. This was my last drink before my surgery. I'm still on the sober bandwagon and loving it.

These two were just the cutest! And just like that they were gone on a plane back to Atlanta, that actually made it home on time. Like I said we loved having you with us Alison and Matt. Come back soon!

I think it was last week that we got a gorgeous bunch of snow. I took photos every 2 hours to show the progress.

5:00 o'clock

9 o'clock

And now, it's all gone as the rain soaked it all away on Sunday. 

Ali took this photo of us at The Food Market their first night in town. It makes me so happy. I still coo looking at my Charlie. 

Here's hoping for more snowstorms before the winter is over. More fires. And more friends at Stone Hill Farm. 

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