Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Millstone Cellars and prayer request update

According to my Instagram photos this trip was over 12 weeks ago. To say I'm overdue for a post is a major understatement. It's the lost-my-camera-cord, holiday event madness and foot surgery excuse. So the next few posts are going to be a little weird and very outdated. As a prayer update, my uncle Robert's lung cancer has shrunk 75% and today they were able to operate! God is in charge y'all and He is SO good. We are all thrilled that he was even able to BE operated on today. Thank you for all of your prayers (Memorial, FaceBook family, InstaPals and readers). So, back to our perfect fall day adventure. We wanted to go on a little drive to get a pumpkin, and while driving near Monkton we passed the Millstone Cellars. We had met them all summer long at Union Graze when we picked up our CSA so had to pop in to say hey.

The sign beckoned us and the stone house charmed us immediately.

Yuki welcomed us as we walked in.

This visit was in October and it was chilly, but a perfectly gorgeous fall day. The leaves were just dropping and the tour took us to the downstairs where the grist wheel used to work it's magic.

I love these old artifacts and in Maryland we seem to have so many that are well preserved. Maybe this is because we live next to an old mill, and live in a mill manager's home in Stone Hill, but we seem to feel the mill magnet all over Maryland. They pull us in to say hi. This mill was for grain, where our neighboring mill was used for duck cloth.


Yuki gets his very own watering hole.

We love adventures in alcohol tastings. Not just for the alcohol, but the science of it all. Yeast, hops, honey...all of these items came to play in the making of Mead and Ciders. Mead is basically alcohol made from honey. Cider, is from apples. The daughter of the owner showed us around and taught us about the yeast. 

On the second and third levels the cider and mead is barrel aged. They fill the barrels with a giant hose that comes in from the window.

Fish peppers were added to this mead for what I think is called Bonfire. We tasted it a few weeks later when my niece Alison and her beau Matt were in town.

The building is magnificent and a true labor of love for the family.

Add a few walls outside and you have a fantastic event space.

Sadly, their hive collapsed. 

Sarah and Kyle's dad Curt has numbered all of the wood so he can one day restore this room. Such dedication!

After the tour we got to taste the goods.

We also smelled fresh hops. You can see the pollen in the center.

The labels are beautiful done.

This trip was so long ago but we've been back once since this visit. It's just an idyllic little spot up in Monkton. The mead and cider make great gifts and you can even get a return bottle credit when you bring back your fancy bottles.

Thanks again for the foot surgery healing wishes. I am doing really well with my recovery. I had my arthritis taken care of three weeks ago and basically had a joint repair. Yes, I'm too young for this but turns out my cartilage was completely missing! After playing lots of tennis, planning events and general use it was absolutely time to get it taken care of. I'm still in pain but can walk which seems crazy awesome to me. Our friends were so supportive. Ice cream delivery from The Charmery, Cincinnati Chili over pasta and fresh baked bread, and the most delicious minestrone soup. You know who you are and I love you all! My sweet husband was so patient with me. Have mercy the poor guy. I haven't left the house but for Christmas day and church. I've maxed out my "cans" for the year. "Can you grab a bag of ice? Can you bring me that book? Can you buy some more Advil on the way home?" The guy is a saint!

I could not be more thankful for so many things right now. My uncle's faith is one I just want to shout about it from the rooftops. He as been a pillar of strength during his awful treatments. I thank God that this has brought my Memphis family closer to each other. And to top it off, in the midst of his treatments Robert called me after MY surgery. It was such a nice call to receive. He and my Mom have talked more in the last few months than I'm sure a very long time. God means all things for good.

Today is also my dearest Marge's birthday. Since this has become the longest thanksgiving note in history, I'm going to Thank God for you too Mary Margaret. Love your face.

Finally, sending deep breathing and healing prayers to Katiecakes' mom who is also in the hospital. Love you Linda.

Amen and good night friends!


Caitlin said...

I took a trip to Millstone Cellars around Thanksgiving! Such a lovely place and warm people. I grew up in Hunt Valley, and it's so nice to see a booming family/small business in Monkton.

Nelle Somerville said...

I agree Caitlin! We love it there.