Thursday, November 18, 2010

Macy's Day Parade Memories

My aunt and uncle lived on 2nd and 11th in the East Village for years. We lost John to cancer the summer of 2004. Ever since 1992 when I was taking a semester at American University I would spend Thanksgiving with John and Susan and later Lucy when she was born. This photo brings up more emotions and memories than I could ever, ever begin to explain. It's the view from their patio over looking St. Mark's church. I had so many great times on that patio and in their home. They even hosted my 30th birthday party!

Many Thanksgiving mornings would find us on the second floor of 41st Street to watch the Macy's Day Parade from a friend's office.

It was seriously the best view. Look at the people on the street. This same year Lucy was little, little and we tried to get up the stairs from the subway but there were magazines stacked in the way. It was like trying to walk on a waterfall of magazines. We were seriously frightened. There were so many people and we felt a little bit trapped hiking up the stairwell of slippery papers.

But we made it. This is my cousin Lucy. She's now a teenager! Susan and Lucy will be visiting Stone Hill this Thanksgiving. We are so excited and getting the house ready for them and our grandmother.

Kermy...I love you!!!

I am maybe the biggest band geek ever. Growing up going to every Michigan home football game sealed it. I loved watching our band and even though they were our opponents the University of Ohio script Ohio is my all time favorite half time moment. We have a friend who played for the "best damn band in the land." So I love a good parade with the bands, the pom pom girls, spirit dancers and the whole schabang. I'm a fan.

This was taken two years before Steve Irwin died. While digging through old photos, I forgot I had this shot. Rest in peace crocodile hunter.

Hall of Famer Joe Namath waving right at us for the picture! 

I love this photo of our friend with the reindeer in the background. She is designer Dana Buchman. It's Dana's office that we would visit every year. We had many a Thanksgiving with her family. She is from Memphis and has known my family for years. She dated my uncle John and they stayed great friends. Her husband's family started Farberware and OXO Good Grips. Sam Farber makes THE best apple pie. He created the Good Grip for his wife Besty who has arthritis. They are a wonderful family and welcomed us like family many years at their table.

Me, Dana, Annie Rose, and their cousin. Charlotte is on the cover of Dana's book. We had many a late night, apres turkey kareoke sing along. Her girls are all grown up now too and I feel old as hell!

A Special Education: One Family's Journey Through the Maze of Learning Disabilities
Click the image to purchase Dana's book.

Dana's studio was in the old Perry Ellis building.

Her office had her signature zebra print as a wall to wall carpet with the most beautiful shade of purple suede chairs.

Welcome hallway with my favorite photo of Dana.

I will cherish these memories from New York forever. I only wish I had known E. when my Uncle Johnny was still living. They would have adored each other. John was an architect and his last project was the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation on 37th. I can't wait to attend a production there one day.

Santa always ends the parade...and then we would trudge back to the Lower East side through the throngs of folks and get ready to head to dinner at Tom and Dana's. Pure blissful memories.

Many thanks to the multiple years that Dana and Tom hosted me along with John, Susan and Lucy. I always felt like a lucky kid taking the train from DC visiting the big apple during this time of year. It was seriously the best blessing being with John and Susan all those many years for long weekend visits. I love that E. and I have been to Brooklyn in Susan and Lucy's new home. We love you guys and CAN NOT wait to see you next week.


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

My absolute favorite, too, Nelle! In fact I plan on writting about it next week. I can't wait until I can bring Stella back to NY to watch the parade. What great memories!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love Dana Buchman! Very cool! That view is awesome!

Ella said...

Very interesting Nelle, as we don't have any kind of parades. We don't have Thanks giving either so I wonder if that tradition is as big as Christmas for you to gather the family?

Nelle Somerville said...

Ella, yes Thanksgiving is a very big travel day. As big or bigger than Christmas.