Friday, October 8, 2010


My goddaughter B. is turning three on 10-10-10. This is a Happy Birthday letter to you precious girl.


Did you know you were in our wedding on 7-7-07? Your beautiful mother was carrying you.
"For you yourself created my inmost parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb."  Psalm 139:12


B. your Momma is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I was her maid of honor and she was mine too! We have been through so much together. And honey, you came at a time when we all needed a lot of joy!


We all miss your Grande Anne like buckets of wild crazy missing-ness. She was the most elegant, fabulous creature. I can't wait to tell you and your sister more about her when you are a little older. Did you know she was a queen? She even wore a big fancy collar with sparkles and jewels and a crown. Every Christmas you will find tiaras on your tree. These are to remind you of your wonderful grandmother. I gave them to your Mommy. They also represent Christ's love for you. He wore a crown once too. 


Your Uncle Charlie and Aunt Nellie love you to pieces.


You came to see us when you were a bitty baby at Stone Hill.


We even played in the hammock.


In our jammies.


It has been such a joy watching you grow up. Can you slow it down a bit girlfriend?

December 2008

We bought you a dogwood tree for your Baptism. Your parents planted it in the back yard. It is our little measuring stick of how well and fast  you are growing.


Easter 2009

Your Mommy sent me this photo of you cleaning off your hands for the picture on Easter Sunday near your tree.


Do you see the top piece of green tape, Miss Thing? It hasn't moved. Little one, you are growing so fast it hurts.  I might have to kiss your face off.

You are showing me how tall you are, you smart thing you.


Your parents love you very much sweet girl. I was so lucky to get to visit you last year for your birthday. Do you remember getting your tricycle?

You are so polite and inquisitive. Do you remember we played with chalk outside and pretended to find a snake in our cement, make believe garden? "Oh no...a Sa-nake!" We locked it behind a fence with our chalk drawn fence. We played hopscotch. Any time we asked you a question you'd answer, "Shu-wa." Sure. I can hear your little voice in my head now. Is that crazy?

 Spring 2010

You love a good story too. Were you getting sleepy? We had a big day when you came to visit us at Stone Hill this spring. We had a party for your Mommy and you got to play with all of our beach house friend's kids. We had a big ole time didn't we Honey?

That's Mommy and H. and our friend McMommy and little Birdie.

I loved having my girls for four whole days. Can you come back soon?

Please ma'am?

You have a special wedding coming up soon too. Can't wait to see you and H. in the photos. Who is getting married? Do you know?

Now look at you angel girl! How much you have grown. Sweet B. we love you so much and are wishing you a very happy third birthday. Take good care of your Bitty Baby and your precious sister H. We can't believe how big you are, and what a sweet girl you've grown up to be. 

Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie

P.S. Kiss and hug your Mommy really big for me, okay sweet girl. I love your face!!!

Thanks Nette for taking the last shot today. Too cute for words. And the Silly Bandz. Ha!


Ella said...

What a lovely little princess. It's fascinating that you can feel so much for a child when you're close to their parents. It's the same for me when I think about the children of my siblings.

annechovie said...

Aw, what a little doll! Have a great week, Nelle. xx

ADG said...

I was gonna say something. But seriously, I can't. Nothing, nothing in the world more sublime.

Nelle Somerville said...

Thanks everyone. Can you see all the photos? Nette couldn't see all of them so I'm hoping the post actually worked.

Ella said...

No I couldn't see them all, but I thought it was something wrong with my computer.