Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Wine Source

You know you are in trouble when you are on a first name basis with the folks at your liquor store. But before you go judging too much, know that I buy all of the amenities and gifts for our clients. We promote Maryland wines, Baltimore beers and plus...I have to keep my cabinet stocked with Bombay Saphire for my gimlets and dirty martinis.

This isn't your Daddy's liquor store. I remember the place my Daddy went, when he was still drinking that is, called The Avenue Food and Beverage with a big neon sign summoning peeps to visit across from the Kalamazoo train station. He tells me it is now a parking lot for the McDonald's.

And they didn't sell yummy cheese and dried meats.

If the Wine Source sold milk we'd almost only need to go to one spot. They even have limes at the front desk. Brilliant for the lazy drinker.

They sell cigars and Zeke's Coffee.

And FRESHLY baked bread.

And Maryland wine, which is what I came in for.

The shop is tucked in on Elm Street in the middle of Hampden, Hon.

Carey Williams is one of the people you MUST meet when you frequent the shop. E. and I go in at separate times but she knows us both. We just adore her! She knows what we like, stays within our price range and takes such good care of us. She has great wine tastings and worked with E. on events at his previous work location in Baltimore. She will even take wine back if you don't finish it after an event. Brilliant, wonderful, fabulous Wine Source. You are so smart. And Carey is even a reader of Stone Hill Farm (SHF). She told her Momma about the blog and they want me to teach a canning class next year. I stopped in on Carey's birthday and they shared Caroline's cupcakes with me and gave me one for the road for E. Such a sweetheart.

So thank you Wine Source for just being you. And thank you Carey and Momma Williams for being too sweet for words!!! E. really did get the cupcake although it took every part of me not to steal it.

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Pigtown-Design said...

Seriously, every single time i've been in there, i've run into someone i know!