Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baltimore Running Festival 10th Anniversary

I stopped by the M&T Bank Stadium to pick up a few gifts at the Baltimore Marathon Expo on Thursday.

I ran into a friend, who wouldn't let me take her photo, but agreed to this shot of the shirt. 

The Club Level was decked out with yard upon yard of sporty goodness. The marathon runners were picking up their bibs and stocking up.

I was interested in Under Armour running shoes.

My buddy Pete Mulligan from the Falls Road Running Store always takes such good care of us and held a few pairs for me. Pete's run in over 20 marathons. He talked me into the Celtic Solstice 2010 race which is way too close to Stone Hill not to run it.

Very fun to see the Club Level bar set up as a racing team check in.

A woman in my office picked up her bag for the half marathon. You have to register early. It was sold out again this year. The Under Armor shirts are all recycled from four water bottles. They were so soft.

We walked through Stone Hill Saturday morning to root on the runners for the Baltimore Running Festival.

We found more Stone Hillers and had a nice little cheering section in front of the Stieff Silver building. We yelled, "Welcome to Hampden, Hon!" whistled, and clapped our hands until they hurt.

There was a slow trickle at about 8:30 am. These were elite runners.

The folks wearing yellow hats have run in all ten Baltimore marathons.

There were so many amazing runners.

I yelled God Bless America and he gave the Ooh Rah call back. Good Marine.

We were close to the five mile marker. We were greeted with big smiles and many runners thanked us for being there.

This guy was jump roping...

...the whole marathon.

A princess gave us the princess wave when we clapped for her.

And we saw the famous JUGGLER! This guy juggles the entire marathon.

I would think his neck would hurt after 26 miles.

It was very impressive to see all these runners and inspired us. We want to start running together and are going to run the Dreaded Druid Hills on December 18.

Thank you Falls Road Running Store. I look forward to getting my run on soon.


pve design said...

Excellent, I ran a 5K with my 11 year old and hope to do another one the end of this month.
Congrats to all the runners!

Karena said...

Nelle, I love the site of all of the runners. The stack of fun running shoes is like a work of art!!

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Do come and enter!!

Art by Karena

Ella said...

Hi Nelle, thanks for your comment on my site. It's hard to believe that you can run a marathon juggling ore jump roping. Have never heard of it before. I wish you and E good luck with the training. Instead of running I'm looking forward to the cross country season.

Pigtown-Design said...

I have gone to watch the start of the race the past few years, but just couldn't do it this year. I heard all of the choppers though, both at the start and the finish.

The Druid Hill Race looks like fun... if i ran!

Bethany said...

Wow! Looks like fun! That's so cool that the shirts are made from water bottles. My friend ran in a half marathon and really appreciates people who come out to cheer for the runners. It was a beautiful weekend for a run!