Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Brother Baby Shower

My little brother, Douglas McWilliams and his precious Elise are having a baby boy in the next few weeks. Mom is hosting the baby shower in Kalamazoo today. I sent a few goodies for Baby Boo Boos. Ha. That nickname kills me!

No boy baby shower can be complete without the Pee Pee Tepee for the sprinkling wee wee. Baby Boo Boos is getting Santa Hat themed ones. The best part is that my Grandmother clued me in on these after going to my cousin's shower a few years ago for little Jimmy. She howled with laughter telling me the story of the hit gift of the shower.

We found these handmade trucks at the Fells Point Fun Festival

I loved the trucks so much that I found someone to make custom cookies for the give away. It's kind of a cute play on my brother. Get it. Mac Trucks. :)

The cookie maker extraordinaire was a friend of a friend. Susan and George are expecting and I went to their shower a few weeks ago. The hostesses did SUCH a great job.

The tables were set so beautifully.

Katiecakes did the flowers.

And each person got a precious little pink owl cookie as the favor. The invitation had three owls in a tree. Just adorable. We found the cutest owl onsie at Red Tree in Hampden as our gift. I just love a good theme!

So Susan's bestie Michelle has this friend Kristin in New Jersey who makes these custom cookies. The best part is that she ships them anywhere in the states. They arrived perfectly yesterday and Momma emailed saying, "The cookies made it." Follow Sweet Spot on Facebook and click on the gallery to see more cute photos.

My other signature baby gift is to hand stamp Crane's invitation cards for the wee ones with my baby feet stamp. Yes, I have stamps but I'm not a wacky stamper. Just have a few stamps for stationery, custom wrapping paper and gift cards. We are heading up north for Christmas and intend to spoil our little nephew to bits and bits. 

Lisey, we love you so much and know you will make the most incredible mother. If you can put up with the Macker, you can handle anything sweetheart. Ha! Kidding. This is the only preggers shot I had of you at the lake. Love your little baby bump. Can't wait to see shots of you from today.

Macker! I can hardly believe you are going to be a Mac Daddy! Seriously, sniff. You'll always be a little punk to me, but I look forward to watching you grow as a father. Holy bananas! You are going to be a FATHER. 

Could you guys be any cuter?!!! Love you so much, Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie

Momma, thank you so much for doing all the heavy lifting for the party at your house. I truly wish I could be with you to help. Have fun, take three deep breaths and enjoy it Granny Punks!!! Get Pappy to help you. Hee hee, I can't wait to see what the kid calls my parents.


Ella said...

Is it common to have Baby Showers? I've never heard about it. But it is interesting, here we hardly don't prepare for more than a bed, a Stroller and some newborn clothes for the baby. Presents before the birth could be seen as unlucky things.

Susan said...

I didn't realize you stamped the stationary. It really was beautiful-so perfect for thank you notes.
Love you,

Nelle Somerville said...

Ella, I've heard that before. We even NAME the baby before birth. I know some of my Jewish friends think this is unlucky but it is very common in the states. My brother said they received all of their furniture, clothes, strollers and toys yesterday. Susan, so glad you liked them. :)