Monday, October 4, 2010

Fells Point Fun Festival 2010

We've lived in Baltimore for nearly three years. This was our first Fells Point Fun Festival.

Our buddies from DC called us from Kooper's Tavern and said, "There are four adults and two children here and everyone is behaving so far. Come join us." We were in.

The weather was dangerously perfect. Warm in the sunshine and chilly in the shade. My favorite kind of fall day.

There were so many cute vendors.

And the puppies were precious. I think I want a dog. I can't stop taking photos of the little darlings.

Not so little.


I'm sure very fast.

My favorite, favorite!!!

I mean, just the cutest dog breed on the face of the earth.

I grew up with Yellow Labs and do love a lab.

His name is Mischief.

This is Mischief's brother, can't remember his name but look at those fabulous Husky eyes!

Okay, back to the Fun Fest. I thought the vendors were better than your average fair. I'm a sucker for handmade toys and we have a new nephew coming soon. I scooped up a few of these trucks and am going to get themed wooden truck cookies for Baby Averitt's shower in a few weeks. Unexpected Surprises was the name of this vendor's company. "Each toy made with love, wood, glue and non-toxic water based acrylic paint." I dig it the most.

I could have gone with a whole transportation theme but I needed to refrain myself. Baby Averitt is going to be spoiled to death by his Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie.

This may be the funniest photo of Uncle Charlie (aka E.) I have ever taken. 
1. He is a beer snob.
2. He hates light beer but drank it.
3. HILARIOUS because he looks drunk, but is far from it...just an odd photo.

The Stroller. Classic.

It was fun seeing our friends as new parents.

When you visit Baltimore Pitango has to be on your list. It is one of our favorite haunts in Fells. They have the best gelato. Mojito is my favorite flavor!

Wouldn't you love the keys to this baby for one blow out Halloween Party? 

The shops in Fells are wonderful. This is a fabulous boutique that sells Lilly Pulitzer

They had wine, water and cupcakes for the festival. How fun!

I stopped into The Corduroy Button for a few more gifties for our nephew. They had a great selection of books and even furniture.

You never know who you will see in Fells Point. Quite often drunken sailors and pirates.

Or maybe even David Simon. This is where Homicide was filmed. This was never the Police Department.

There are great art galleries too.

And yet again, beautiful, historic architecture. Each neighborhood in Baltimore is more rich than the next with what lies around the corner.

This house is on the National Register and is for sale.

The cobble stoned streets, great nightlife and waterside views are all part of what makes Fells Point so charming. We were in New Orleans and I heard someone in the ladies room say, "This place reminds me of Fells." They were from Baltimore of course and we were on Frenchman's Street with all the live music. Very true. There is an essence of cool here like in NOLA.

Red Star was so crowded. We were starved and kinda tired. We couldn't wait 45 minutes for a table. Here is a little history on the joint directly from their website.

According to folklore, The Red Star gained its name and reputation from sailors visiting Fell's Point. They docked, lonely and water-logged, hoping to find some of the comforts of home. The sailors knew Fell's Point was a good place to find a warm meal and a cold ale, along with more "intimate" necessities. The blue laws of the time prohibited the customary red lights in the district... so resourceful women painted nautical red stars on the sidewalks leading the sailors to their doors. To the lonely men's delight, The Red Star was born.

So we headed to Harford Road to try out Hamilton Tavern.

I had a wedge salad and Boh Battered O Rings. Amazing even though this isn't the prettiest of photos. Remember we were so hungry. I forgot to take pre-food shots.

E. had the Roseda Beef Bacon Cheese burger. He said it had a sweetness to it because the bacon was sugared. 

Our neighbor at the bar's reaction after her first bite says it all.

My dirty martini was hands down the best I've had in all of Baltimore City. Perfect balance of gin and olive juice. Ice crystals floating above; always a good sign.

Tiny little place, but amazing ambiance.

Poor Uncle Charlie was super sleepy after his burger. I was two gins in and ready to dance all night long.

Thanks to the good people of Balitmore for putting on such amazing festivals. We have HonFest up the street in June but are happy to make the Fells Point Fun Festival a part of our fall routine. It was great to see you, Pat, Melissa and Isabella. Thanks for the invite.


Pigtown-Design said...

haha! i recognize the little king charles spaniel. I wish i had gone to the fest, but i am not very good with huge crowds like that.

Nelle Somerville said...

Yes, that cutie was at your Pop Up. E. hates crowds. He did so well. We stayed on the edges. It was so much more fun that I thought. Can't believe we had never been.

Bethany said...

Love it! The hairbows are fantastic, love your pictures, and oh yes, I would LOVE to own the gorgeous property for sale. Looks like a fantastic event. xoxo

Nelle Somerville said...

Bethany, it was and thank you for the compliment. Have you ever been? I know you live in MD. I tweeted to you yesterday about my horrid stink bugs. I will think of you fondly ever time I use my Ferragamo Heal of a Shoe bug-be-gone trick! xoxo

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

I love the Cavalier pictures. But I am a little partial to them. ;-)