Sunday, October 24, 2010


Charmington's is a new little spot on Howard Street. It is across the street from a very important shop.

John and James Tire Service. These guys have gotten me out of two tire issues and one was last week. I had a nail. (Nail, is how my mother says my name, Nelle. She has a southern accent.)

It took ten minutes for them to patch my tire and a well spent $18.00.

Three years ago we were closing on Stone Hill and had a flat tire. We stopped at John and James' to get fixed up and saw this building across the street. Three years ago it was just undergoing construction. It's called Miller's Court and the apartments are subsidised for teachers. 

Charmington's is on the corner of the building.

They serve Counter Culture coffee. I've been three times this week. The lattes are amazing. I love Spro, but Charmington's has a larger latte for the same price as Spro. I can't say it enough but I'm on a budget and the more caffeine I can pulse through my veins, the cheaper, the better. I dig their logo of the cup and cross spork too.

They are still pretty new so the menu changed each day I was there.  The turkey on ciabatta roll had an aioli sauce and was stacked with spinach. The flavors were delicious together. The prices are pretty steep though. $8.45 for a turkey sandwich. I don't care how fancy schmancy your mayo is...that is expensive. Especially in a building geared towards teachers budgets. 

The milk makes a latte obviously and you don't need sugar the milk is so sweet. And the coffee prices are very comparable to the other independent houses around town.

The space is welcoming and cozy.

They have a salted caramel cookie that wasn't ready the day I shot these photos but sounded pretty awesome. I can't get enough of the salted caramel craze.

After looking closer I guess I got a fancy schmancy sammy. The others are reasonably priced at $4.75 and $5.95 and come with chips. Amazing what being on a budget makes you realize. I should have had the Turkey Powerhouse instead of the Turkey Turkey. 

Speaking of salted caramels, I just fell in love with a new vendor. Mouth Party. They make a salted caramel that is so unbelievably good. I didn't think I liked caramel. Woah was I wrong. It is a party in your mouth frankly. I like soft caramel. We have a trick or treat sales blitz this week and our clients are all getting a lovely gifty from us including this new member. My office was filled with these tempting treats. I was busted on four occasions suckin' the salt right out of them. Kinda hard to talk with caramel stuck to the roof of your mouth. There is nothing yummier to me than salt and sweet mixed together. I love their packaging, branding and the mission. A part of the proceeds goes towards cancer research. 

Along with providing the world's best soft caramel, Mouth Party is dedicated to helping advance cancer research one sweet bite at a time. We will donate a portion of our profits to cancer research and cancer support services. Sink your teeth into one and feel GREAT about it!

Well okay then. I will.

Thanks once again to E. for finding such cool and new coffee digs.


Kaye Collins said...

Nail - I love you so much! Yo Momma

Pigtown-Design said...

i drive by there every morning. i guess i should stop in.

gore-dean has the mouth party salted caramels. excellent

Anonymous said...

Great place for Charm City, right? Craving caramels!

jdracecar said...

Charmingtons is my FRIEND'S STORE!! Thanks so much for posting this!! I hope it gets people to check them out!! Charm city is a small world! :)

Nelle Somerville said...

That's so much fun Race Car! We love their coffee. I'm totally addicted.

annechovie said...

Looks like a cool place, Nelle!

Ella said...

I'll guess I won't stop in this week....but the place looks very nice. I'm also a latte-drinker when I have coffee.

Housewife Bliss said...

Oh, Caramels-- yummy! Enjoyed reading your post.