Friday, December 7, 2012

Turkey Pot Pie

Look at that smile! My precious husband is the happiest camper in all of Stone Hill. He was Jonesing for a pot pie and searched a recipe and by golly made one the night after Thanksgiving. We got a WAY big turkey so we could have leftovers. Good plan King!

He did such a good job on the first one that he made a second pot pie only days later with sweet potatoes, mushrooms and peas. He used this recipe and reminded our friend Scott that it starts with an off-the-hook roasted turkey. 

The finished bird was simply gorgeous. You can see our past birds here and here. I think this one was the best, but see that I say that every year.

We got dressed for the Turkey Trot in Towson and E prepped the turkey on Thanksgiving morning.

We had our New York, DC and Columbia family with us this year for Thanksgiving. It was so relaxing having young ladies to help me clean up! Thank you little Susan and Lucy. 

Thankfully we did run the Turkey Trot that morning. I went hog wild on the cranberry sauce!

Dearest Charlie, It makes me so happy to know I married a man who loves to cook as much as you do. Your smile in the first picture warms my heart and the pot pies were delicious. Thank you for encouraging us to run the Turkey Trot. It was such a blast. Here's to many more trots and pot pies in our future. 


Ella said...

It looks very delicious with both the turkey and the turkey pie. We eat so much of chicken but never turkey. I have to try it some day.

eas said...

that pot pie looks so yummy!

Worthington said...

Wow. that pot pie looks heavy with goodness and simply stunning! Yummy. I am now officially craving it.