Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Food Market

I landed at The Food Market a few Friday's before Christmas with my buddy SDM after shopping on The Avenue.

The restaurant was tastefully decorated for the holidays and has been open for about six months. Another great addition to our village.

We sat at the bar and were there late enough that the bartender was testing cocktails for the evening rush. We got to taste test the sangria. SDM like it so much he got a glass. Good marketing.


The mixologists were infusing vodka with fresh horseradish for their Bloody Mary. 

They also had an Earl Grey infused vodka for the High Tea Fizz. The crushed ice made this drink and I suggested the rosemary as a garnish. Smelled like tea time and they gave me the sample. Lucky.

We split the fried Pickle Po Boy with french fries that reminded me of great cafeteria fries. The Po Boy was so much fun and delicious. Makes me miss New Orleans.

We also split the salad Nicoise. The poached egg makes this salad in my opinion.

E and I got to know the owner Elan, when they were digging up The Avenue earlier this year. He is the nicest guy and so passionate about this restaurant. He even gave us a bottle of wine from Israel that was surprisingly good. The chef, Chad Gauss, came from the City Cafe and is very creative. Every time I've been to the Food Market they are serving a twist on the New American cuisine. It's also really nice having another restaurant open for brunch from 9-3 pm Fri-Sunday on The Ave.

This mile high burger flew past us at the bar and I have to go back to try it. My buddy Susan is a huge fan. Are you reading SJS? We need a date soon.

Have you ever noticed the LV details on the side of the banquet? Such a fun detail.

The nicest detail about the restaurant is that they offer free valet for dinner. 

From the looks of the new neighbors on The Avenue it does seem like things are turning around for so many. I hope it continues. Do support your local restaurants and shops wherever you are. Sending you best wishes for a prosperous New Year. 

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