Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving from Baltimore!

Eric's turkey was perfect once again this year. We kept referencing last year's post for direction. We used the exact same recipe from Martha Stewart and it was better than ever!

We think this is the best way to cut the turkey once it has rested. Slice the breast off of the bone and cut thick slices. It keeps the heat this way too. My aunt would be very proud that all of the food was hot on the table today.

The dry brine is the key to the gorgeous bird and amazingly moist meat. E. chopped fresh thyme and used a half cup of Kosher salt to brine this baby. 

This year after the dry brine he wrapped it in a large plastic bag and then put it in the fridge overnight.

Then he prepared the herb butter for roasting. After the brine is wiped off you then add the butter mixture inside and out.

I was E's sous chef and chopped the apples, onion and got the lemons and butter ready.

E. did all the turkey heavy lifting!

My grandmother always says, "If you can read, you can cook." It is so true. I'm just so thankful my husband loves to cook. He basted every 30 minutes.

I made the cranberry sauce. This year with Port, peeled ginger and grapefruit zest.

I switched up the dressing and made it with corn bread, sausage and pecans.

We put the house together as best we could but did NOT polish the silver in time. 

Last week I prepared the firewood and kindling in case it was chilly enough for a fire. It was way too pretty and warm today for a fire however.

Our little porch is shaping up nicely after E. added the screens this summer. 

I added a fleece throw to cozy up with for cold mornings. I also found this great herb planter at Whole Foods. It has sage, rosemary and thyme.

The Whistler joined us on our last trip from Mom's house in Michigan. It works as a great front door stop and reminds me of my Grandmommy Nancy.

I switched up the Brussels Sprout recipe and added bacon for my Mother-in-Law. The pine nuts and bacon were crazy rich. Next year we are steaming broccoli!

We had a much smaller family gathering this year and a much smaller bird.

This allowed us to use all of our favorite wedding gifts and crystal and spend great time with Eric's parents and sister Kim. We always laugh and the joke of the day was that the kitchen was a "comment-free-zone"! 

We are thankful for another year of life. I'm especially thankful for our Baby Nephew. There truly is so much joy and hope in this child and I'm so thankful for Mac and Elise growing our family. 

For all of those who are not with us, we miss you and love you and are thankful for you.  We are thankful for the bounty of the feast we had today. We pray for the people who are left wanting. Thank you Lord for sending your son to die for our us so that we may have life. That is such good news. Amen!


LPC said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And anyone willing to do all touching of raw poultry would be my hero too:).

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, my friend! Xo Tiffany

pve design said...

How absolutely magnificent! Thankful is right for such a wonderful day to share that with those we love.
Your meal looks lovely as does your family and home.
so nice to use the "good stuff!~ I love polishing silver!!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME....a man that cooks? Now that in MY definition of "Marrying well!" That turkey is beautiful enough to be in a magazine. The plate photo at the end...perfection.

Nelle Somerville said...

Lisa, Eric is so brave in the raw meat department. :)
Tiffany, thanks so much!
Patricia, I seriously love polishing silver too. I usually do it at Halloween but missed it.
My Crafty Home-Life, you crack me up, but yes married very well.
Thanks for all of your sweet notes!

WendyCinDC said...

Gorgeous - the family, the food, the home! I adore polishing silver and know you do, too, so skipping it means you have been one busy bee.