Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gertrude's Holiday Row Homes

I had the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time last week. I was invited to come witness the miracle that is the Holiday Row Homes display at Gertrude's. Notice the "marble" stoop made out of Smarties and form stone made out of Starburst candies? Baltimore's iconic dwellings never looked so sweet.

Douglas, the pastry chef, even made fresh donuts for the staff and friends to enjoy while the whole team decked the halls.

I'm not sure how long this row house tradition has been going on at the restaurant but for the last few years teams of friends and staff members have been given a home to decorate with the understanding that they must be returned in time for the first Tuesday of December. Doug teamed up with a member of the kitchen staff for a fully edible row home. There are no rules that insist using edible decorations. But they are pastry guys and wanted to over achieve in the sugar department. I'm in love with the Royal icing icicles. 

I even influenced this lovely marshmallow snowman while hanging out in the back of the house. Remember, Doug is the one with the Ghostbusters tattoo so it was very appropriate.

The stoop was made with candied almonds and all of the macaroons were made on-site. I've been teaching John Shields how to Tweet and loved his post about the chimney that collapsed on day one. 
And he huffed & he puffed & he blew the chimney? Waiting 4 repairs  

The Royal Icing was in high demand for all things decorative on this pastry chef home.

As the morning drew to a close, friends of the restaurant began their parade of homes onto the festive bar. We all oohed and ahhh'd over this fire escape made of pretzel sticks! I mean, how amazing is that? Let alone the Jolly Rancher form stone application.

Aliens also invaded. Notice the planet inside.

House number 416 had freshly tiled form stone and an ode to the Miracle on 34th Street's hubcap tree.

Lily's tree was made out of buttons and small Christmas balls. 

Pretty painted Peacock home.  

It was so much fun being behind the scenes watching the homes line up, one by one on the bar ledge.

If you are in the neighborhood this Saturday, Gertrude's is featuring a Holiday Tea. Click here to learn more details about how to make reservations.  Take a photo and Tweet it to @MrCrabCakeJohn and tag it with #holidayrowhomes too. Visit their Facebook page to see more photos. They will be up until January 2nd.  

Thank you Gertrude's gang for letting me come and document this fun occasion all while guzzling down donuts. Must sign up for the Celtic Solstice race again at the rate this highly caloric holiday has been so far. 


LPC said...

Wow. Those are amazing!

Nelle Somerville said...

Lisa, they are 10 times as cool in person. Happy Happy Holidays to you and yours! xoxo

LPC said...

And to you, and yours:).