Monday, December 10, 2012

Hampden's Holiday Windows

Our neighborhood is decked beyond belief for the holidays. I was frankly a little put off seeing some windows decorated the week after Halloween this year. Everywhere I turned people were rushing Christmas. The "wait your turn Fat Boy" cartoon was sweeping the Internet with a feisty turkey giving Santa the business. I totally got that on November 2. But now, after Advent has begun and I have had time to reflect on what I am truly thankful for, I am ready for Christmas. My first stop was Trohv on The Avenue in The Hampdens. 

Oh Trohv. With your brown paper packages tied up with pine cones! I want to make out with you. Your "over the river and through the woods" Woody car cruising on the front window just warms this Midwestern born heart. Thank you for the fake snow too. This rain and creepy fog in mid-December just bums me out. We could have had inches of snow had the air been a wee bit closer to 32 degrees. Damn December. Bring it on. 

I had to stop inside Trohv to see their always inspiring displays. They never disappoint. I'm still obsessed with the star burst pencils from this post.

Their chalkboard screamed customer service to me in a hip fun way.

If you need ginormous candy canes? 

Gingerbread mix and stocking stuffer's galore.

Killer wire lamps, adorable ornaments and simple baskets for wrapping?

Vintage ornaments? Yep, Trohv has got you covered.

 Sparkly pinecones

Felted mistletoe

The Flexible Flyer's in their displays just warmed every part of my soul.

If I were fully employed I would have gone to town on their wrapping station. Paper Porn.

A few blocks west, Paradiso's red and white display is such a nice contrast with their pea green facade.

I love the cardboard deer head.

Sue's snowmen and yarn snow balls at Lovely Yarns were my all time favorite. Notice the knit hats on the snow lady. So clever. So adorable. So jealous it isn't snowing yet.

The "Yes on 6" downspout yarn bomb outside is why my New Years Eve brides love this state so much. We did it Maryland. 

I stopped in to Ma Petite Shoe for a little chocolate teaser.

Charm City Cook is now selling her caramel salted brownies at Ma Petite Shoe. We met Amy and Susannah and Amanda's wedding and realized we were stalking each other on Instagram. So hilarious but true.

Spro has an upside down tree in their front window with a gorgeous row of Poinsettias. 

You must try their Mexican hot chocolate. It has a heat from cayenne pepper that is amazing.

And finally, In Watermelon Sugar's windows never disappoint. Did you notice that these shops are all so unique and independent? We keep hearing great things about more restaurants and art pop up spaces joining The Avenue. 

We are truly so thankful to STILL be living in Baltimore. It was touch and go there for a minute but we are here to stay and thankful to be able to walk up and see the windows in our hood. It's not New York City, but I'm okay with that. 


Lisa S. said...

Nelle, what can I say? You NEVER disappoint. This is JUSt the thing to get people in the holiday spirit (if they aren't already). This looks like Christmastowne or the North Pole. The photos are wonderful and so are you. Thank you for sharing your ever enchanting experiences!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I walked down the Ave. last week and was admiring everything...thanks for such a wonderful post capturing the holiday spirit in Hampden! xx

Worthington said...

Gorgeous windows. Damn, I miss Baltimore all the time. Makes my heart hurt a bit. Esp around the holidays.