Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mayor's Christmas Parade

Charm City, how we love you. A few weeks ago we walked down to The Avenue in Hampden to witness the Mayor's Christmas Parade. It is a celebration of diverse groups of folks, dancers, bands and running into friends from all over the city.

Good neighbor Alice ran into a reindeer.

Jenny from Zensations was festively dressed in her dancing Santa hat and poinsettia pink puffy coat.

The high school marching bands and their dancers thrill me every year. I just love, love, love their sass, steps and jams.

Oh my gracious.

Even the fire truck got into the band fun.

Princesses waved from convertibles.

The Shriners drove a fleet of small trucks and had a band piping in an open air bus.

But just when we thought Charm City couldn't get any more charming, this Auto Club group of hydraulic cars turned the corner off Falls Road on to The Avenue. 

The crowd went wild when the cars "bounced". 


E's soccer buddy Malcolm, selling Mrs. Puff's Pretzels, was dubbed Santa Pimp.

We are not sending a Christmas Card this year. But if we had, this would have been the winner. We were enjoying a nice break at Spro this summer. It's maybe one of my favorite pictures we've ever taken together by Matt Roth with my iPhone. He told me to tickle E.

Sending you Peace, Love and Health from Charm City for the New Year,
Nelle & E


side porch studio said...

Thanks Nelle! Love this photo of the two of you! Wishing you a year full of blessings...come to see us if you're ever down this way!
xo Mary Allen

side porch studio said...

Hope you have a year full of blessings! xo Mary Allen

Nelle Somerville said...

Thanks so much for reading Mary Allen! Loved getting Mander's texts from afar. Would love to come and see you too. Must plan a trip for an art adventure.
Lots of love to you all,