Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amanda and Susannah's Wedding

We attended the most wonderful wedding this past Sunday at Oregon Ridge Park. Susannah and Amanda could not have asked for a more beautiful day. They wanted everyone to surround them as they reaffirmed their vows and whoop whooped hurrah as wife and wife. If the weather and the occasion were not enough to make you smile, the day was even more historic because we just passed the Marriage Equality Act on Tuesday in Maryland. It will be legal for gay couples to marry in Maryland, by popular vote, on January 1, 2013. One of my book club besties, Janelle, wrote a wonderful post about their legal wedding in September in New York state here for Baltimore Bride's Hitched section. This ceremony was for their local friends to enjoy but seemed even more meaningful with Question 6 passing in this past election.

It was a true celebration and I cry just thinking about it. I remember when the girls first got engaged. I noticed Susannah's ring while I was shopping for chocolate, at her boutique Ma Petite Shoe, and asked if she was engaged. She squealed yes and the wedding planner in me got excited and told them to reach out to me if they needed anything.  I listened to them talk about a woodsy theme. Amanda wanted her brother to help them create wood buffet platters for each table. They wanted a wedding cake made out of cheese and wonderful farmers market foods. They both have such a defined style and I can honestly say their vision was realized so beautifully in all the details. We were so honored to be included in the festivities. I hadn't heard boo about any wedding help until ten minutes before the big event. They were so laid back about everything and ten minutes prior I got a call from Susannah. She asked if I could help make sure people knew where to go outside for the wedding. For the last few months I've been working for a dear friend helping as a day-of planner for her wedding firm. I was game and ready to help sweet Susannah and Amanda on their big day and got into action immediately. 

Charlie knew more people than I did and found friends to visit with outside as the people gathered. 

Here comes the brides!

The reception and dinner was inside the lodge at Oregon Ridge Park. As you entered, guests were greeted with a gift made especially by Amanda, who is a ceramic artist.

The faux bois dessert plates were all signed with their wedding date and a note that we should eat dessert first. Good plan. Every guest left with a plate as a memento from this wonderful occasion.

There were hand stitched linens with the girls names and wedding date. How awesome is that detail?!!


The food was all catered by Neopol from the Waverly Farmers Market and Clementine's restaurant in Hamilton. The smoked hummus and pates were also served in handmade faux bois containers made by the bride! I was best friends with Cristin from Clementine's by the end of the afternoon. She is so good at what she does and the food was outstanding. My mouth is watering thinking about the brisket and beet salad.

The lodge was decked out with cosy retro pillows, gourds, paper mushrooms and votives. There was a great camp vibe and the atmosphere felt warmer than a toasted marshmallow. 

Susannah had a second dress for the party to show off her smokin' hot legs and fancy dancing shoes! I think gold Mary Jane's fit the occasion perfectly.

Amanda's wish came true and her brother helped fashion the wood runners and buffet tables.

The cheese cake was so original and was devoured by the end of the party.

My favorite part of the day had to be the square dancing. The caller was too cute for words and showed off his flare from states where he had "called" competitions.

I need more square dancing in my life. The dosey doh's of job searching just drifted away watching everyone have such a great time. My face hurt from smiling too much. I was so in love with this wedding!!!

Finally, the cake topper was made by an artist friend to look exactly like the brides and their dog Chino. See Janelle's part two post here where you will recognize many of the photos. 

Ladies, thank you for including us in your amazing day. I'm so happy your vision came together so beautifully and that you had the most glorious weather. Oh Susannah, thank you for the hand delivery of the invitation to Stone Hill. Oh how I wish I could have busted you sneaking around the front porch for delivery! Lots of love and best wishes for your continued happiness. Shana and Alexis, we need to get started if you really are planning your wedding for New Years Eve. Call me. 


LPC said...

Gorgeous. What a happy occasion.

Wendy McLaughlin said...

Fantastic! Love the coat Susannah wore during the ceremony. Everything looks amazing. Congrats to the happy couple!