Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mac and Elise's Rehearsal Dinner, Kalamazoo

Last weekend we spent time in Michigan to celebrate my baby brother's wedding. Mac and Elise met at a golf course where they worked. Elise was the beer cart girl and Mac managed the pro-shop. He flirted with her, telling anyone who would listen, that he was going to marry her one day. One precious baby boy and eight years total later they have finally tied the knot. Our sister's Busy and Patti (step, but we don't use that word) threw the Rehearsal Dinner at Mom's house on Thursday night as the wedding was on Friday. 

Busy called me and asked me to help come up with some ideas for the party. I created a "board" on Pinterest after picking Mac's brain about their favorite foods and traditions. We decided a pretzel bar would be cute.

Elise loves these little Synder's Nibblers pretzels. We served Jack Daniel's Honey Mustard, Mom's Spicy Cheese Dip and Nutella Chocolate Sauce as dipping companions. It was a huge hit!

Mary T., our godmother, went to the florist and bought the same flowers that were going to be in the wedding and made a stunning centerpiece that we used later for the escort card table. 

Dad smoked a turkey and Mac's childhood best friend Jared, also a chef, carved the bird for us. The Collins girls also made their famous Asian Cole Slaw and ordered the bride and groom's favorite submarine sandwiches. It was so casual and such a great party. We lucked out with the weather too as the skies had been threatening all day.

Our nieces went to town on the desserts and even created their own Pinterest Board for ideas. Strawberry Cheesecake Bites! Seriously such a good idea and were delish.

The mini golf greens and Cherry Coke cupcakes were not only sweet but a huge hit on the emotional cord as they got married on a golf course. More to come in another post soon about the wedding.

Our niece Chrissy made the flags and iced the "greens". Patti found the chocolate golf balls at a party store. Elise loves pink so the cups were a nod to her preppiness.

Mac was distracted by the little joy that is our Baby Nephew. The nieces came to the rescue and played with Andrew all night long and during the wedding.

Chrissy and Andrew

Ali and Andrew playing in the kitchen.

Andrew was in stitches laughing so hard.

Touch down!

Me, Brett (nephew and groomsman) and Patti (sister)

Most of the guests on the patio which was built for Busy's wedding over twenty years ago.

Mac and his godmother's Candy and Mary T.

Mom, Elise's mother Joanna, Elise, Mac, Aunt Nina and Uncle Robert from Memphis

Candy, Uncle Andy/Jr. and Busy (sister)

Our nephews and nieces Brett, Alison, Michael, Christina and sister Patti.

The Rev, Mac, Elise and Mom with her signature beer a la koozie!

Elise's sister (maid of honor) Renee and Andrew

Mac and Eric

Groomsman Andy

Candy, Robert and Mom all laughing at Robert's stories. We all had such a great time and enjoyed wishing the happy couple the best. 

Busy, Patti, Ali, Chrissy, Mike, David Oliver, Brett and all who helped get the party ready, thank you so much. It was such fun getting to see so many of our family members and meet Elise and Mac's friends. We loved being with you all and are so proud of the parents you have become. Enjoy your time in Destin my little lambs.

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