Monday, August 6, 2012

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McWilliams Averitt

Mac and Elise got married on the putting green at the Kalamazoo Country Club July 27, 2012. The weather had been threatening all day but it truly couldn't have been more glorious during the ceremony.

The clouds made a gorgeous backdrop.

Eric took this amazing photo of Whites Lake. Our little neighborhood beach is on the far left of the photo where you can just make out the dock. I love that Mac basically got married in our back yard!

I think my Daddy looked sharp in his white dinner jacket. You can just make out Momma's lime green Crocs. She wore them also to our wedding with rhinestones. Have Mercy. At one point during the weekend she asked me where I came from. I wonder the same thing at times but love your crazy face just the same Granny Punks!!! So there. 

It seriously makes me so happy to see my brother so in love with Andrew in this shot. We loved seeing Jordon, one of his groomsmen from Mac's Ole Miss days too.

I got a sneak peak of the beautiful bride before the ceremony in the ladies locker room. I did my very best not to change anything at the last minute. It is hard being an event planner at family weddings. Elise's wonderful cousin was the photographer and took on the main responsibilities of the details. Along with The Rev they did the best job managing the details of the ceremony. I was able to sit back, relax and cry vs. worrying about where people should go, and what people should do. I knew getting out of Mac's way was the most important part of the day.

You can see the irritation on Mac's face in this shot. I know he is happy after the fact that I took so many photos. But I was on the edge of pissing him off here. Hilarious!

The waiter brought me a glass of wine just in the nick of time. Ha!

Pat enjoyed popcorn as we all waited for the show to start. 

My nephew Brett also walked me off the ledge, reminding me that he had already been in a ton of weddings and wouldn't let anything go wrong. Eric's theme song for me is "Control" by Janet Jackson. I was so happy to relinquish all control and just enjoy the day. It was the best.

Mac waiting for his bride.

In the middle of the ceremony the KCC Invitational putting contest was underway. It was hilarious and so appropriate when the announcer said, "And next up to putt...." just as they were about to say "I do." 

Kiss the bride already!

Everyone celebrated and the family waited for our photo ops with the cute couple. Ali and Andrew were rarely far away from each other the whole night! Look at the love in his face for our gorgeous niece.

Elise's girls, Jared's cake, Andrew completely untucked and precious, and my favorite photo of the couple!

Virginie and her family made it to the wedding too. They came to visit us the week prior to the wedding in Baltimore from France! She was our exchange student my senior year of high school at Hackett. 

Eric took this stunning photo of Patti and her kids, David, Brian and twins Chrissy and Michael. We all miss their dad John terribly who passed away from brain cancer a little over a year ago. 

Once everyone got inside the heavens opened and it poured buckets of rain. Patti went to check for John who always shows up for special occasions with a rainbow! How cool is that? She found one a little after the rains cleared. 

The wedding party was announced and Andrew and Elise's brother Pat entered with the "gun show" blaring. 

Andy and Missy

Jason and Courtney

Brett and David

Mac's best men Paul and Jason gave great toasts. I loved hearing their southern drawls in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They both went to Ole Miss with Mac and may have been KA's together, although I'm not 100% sure about that detail.

Me and E

They danced to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for their father/daughter and mother/son dance. Way to rock the Crocs Momma!

Mac gave Elise the Averitt family diamond as her engagement ring from my precious Grandmother. It turned out beautifully even though this is a terrible shot. Seeing Mac with his wedding ring really made me realize he was all grown up now. I think he felt that way too as he kept flipping us off with his ring finger. Classic Macker.

All of Mac's godparents were in attendance and gave a very dear group speech. Mac then got on the mic and thanked Mom for all of her help with the wedding. 

This photo makes me laugh out loud it is so hysterical. Mac daintily feeds Elise and Lisey got a great shot of smashing Macker in the face. Well done Elise and welcome to the family you brilliant girl!

Macker, I remember when you and Elise first started dating and all anyone could say was how wonderful and sweet she was. You have lucked out my dear brother. You are so lucky to have someone who loves you, is patient with you and accepts you for who you truly are. Elise, I can't tell you how much we all love you. You are such a joy to be with and I know you all will have a fabulous life together. We are so proud to be Andrew's godparents and to have such a close relationship with you. You are both such good parents and I know you will do right by Andrew. Know that there will be times in your marriage when you will want to throw in the towel. Communication is the key. And as John Landreth wrote in our wedding guest book, "I tell the kids the best way to avoid car accidents is to not get in the way of another car. It is the same for marriage. Just continue to stay married and all will be well." Such good advice. May God bless you both and hold you in the palm of His hand for all of your days. Love, Aunt Nana and Uncle Charlie

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Worthington said...

I think it is great that you got to 'take a night off' from your planning experience to enjoy the day. Also... I am loving how sweet (cute) the bridesmaids looked in their retro outfits. Not overly retro but they read that way to me! They all looked so sweet!