Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Nephew morning after

We were lucky ducks and got to spend the night with Baby Nephew so the kids could have a nice wedding night. The poor lamb was so tired and could barely go to sleep after the wedding. I loved rocking him and when he finally conked out I went in to check he was breathing at least ten times. The next morning Uncle ChaCha took the lead with Angry Bird tutorials.

We also played outside with the hose while Mr. and Mrs. Averitt slept in. This photo was taken earlier in the year with Elise and Andrew. He just loves playing with the hose, watering everything including Granddaddy who stopped by to say "hey". I still can't get over his red hair. He gets it from his great grandmother Nancy Tayloe.

We loved having extra time to snuggle and play with our precious nephew.

Andrew and Coco are the best of pals. They watch the neighborhood for deer.

When we first arrived Andrew was checking out Uncle ChaCha trying to remember him from FaceTime.

We love you sweet Andrew!

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