Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Nette

Corner Bar in Kalamazoo, MI circa 1998
My darling friend Annette has a big birthday today. We have known each other for my entire adult life. We met in DC when I worked for WashingtonInc and she was at the Chicago CVB. We fell in love at first sight. She invited me to Gold Cup and to this curious place called Dewey Beach. She encouraged me to be on a board with her and Kimberly at the Corcoran and even suggested we join the Junior League. She is from Atlanta and went to high school with my cousins. It felt like we were related from the minute we met! Her lake house is 7 miles from the lake house I grew up visiting as a child in North Georgia. We were destined to be besties!!!

It breaks all of our hearts that Annette's mother is no longer with us. I am so happy that I have so many fond memories of her to share with your children. I'll never forget the Beaux Arts Ball where your Momma was the Queen!!! She was so smart, so beautiful and knew more about gardening than anyone I've ever met. I admired her so much.

Grand Anne was a true southern lady. I'm also honored to be Bailey's godmother. She's such a love bug. Can she really be five this October?

How fun that we are still so close to our beach house Betty's. (Nice bridesmaid shoes McCall!) 

I met most of my DC friends from Annette's wonderful connections and friends. What would I have done without you?

We hosted the most fun bachlorette party of the century at the George Town Club celebrating you my dear!

I'll never forget your face when I called us "party girls" during my toast at your rehearsal dinner. "Who, me?"

We did plan and attend some of the most awesome parties in DC. I'm so glad I got to grow up with you honey! We always have the best time together.

The LBD Bachelorette was legendary!


I was so honored to be your maid of honor. Thank you for returning the favor by playing the same role in our wedding.

All of those years in DC prepared you for the most wonderful party of all! Your wedding was simply one of the most gorgeous events I've ever attended. I know Michael has made all of your dreams come true which makes me so happy. There was true magic that gorgeous fall weekend.

I love that you found someone who also makes you laugh!!! "He's so funny."

I can't wait to watch your five, YES FIVE, kids grow up. The big kids, are so big now!

Has anyone ever looked more radiant two days after giving birth? Not only is she beautiful, but she is the best listener, shares everything, has more courage than anyone I know, and is such a mirror of God's love.

I love your face sweet Nette. Wishing you the happiest of birthday's. I'm just so sorry I can't be with you this weekend. Thank goodness for text messaging and FaceTime! I love you with all of my heart. Happy, dare I say it, 40th Birthday!

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annechovie said...

What a great birthday card for a dear friend, Nelle! I am exactly 1 month off from the big 4-0 myself. Have a great weekend. xo