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Garden Cocktail Party, Washington, DC 2007

All of Mac and Elise's wedding photos have made me realize how much I wanted to revisit our own wedding memories and post them on this weblog for the future enjoyment (for me...I realize this will be a yawn fest for many of you). I barely knew what a blog was when we got married in 2007.  Please enjoy a blast from the past and indulge me while we take a walk down memory lane. 

Dale and Melissa offered their Georgetown home for the location and many of our friends were hosts. Annette designed this gorgeous pink and green bamboo invitation on the lovely Anna Griffin Inc. stationery. It set the mood for the whole party. My dad called and said, "Wow, fancy engraved invite." I love raised letters on an invitation, even though it was embossed, not engraved. I'm a total paper snob and love all things invitation related. Melissa is a genius when it comes to entertaining. She and Annette came up with an Asian theme since Eric and I met at Mandarin Oriental. They served dim sum at the party and had custom made fortune cookies with sayings and fortunes that related to our wedding day. They served darling little noodle boxes with chopsticks and the girls passed out the cookies. The food was so delicious and many of our friends still talk about how much fun the dim sum ideas was and have used the same theme at their own parties.

The youngest Overmyer girl stripped to her knickers so you know it was a fun party! Daisy is now six and reminds me so much of May and Emma. It is uncanny. 

It was amazing having our whole family together for this event. I love that my Dad is a bow tie guy!!! Eric's sister was missed desperately that night but work called. My aunt and uncle Nina and Robert even came up from Memphis to celebrate with us. My mom's college roommate from Randolph-Macon WC was also in tow. We had a blast the days leading up to the party with my godmother and most of my bridesmaids. 

Nette and Michael were expecting my goddaughter, Bailey, at this party as well as the wedding. I love that my Bailey-Girl was in our wedding too!!!

Melissa hung the lanterns over her coy pond in the farthest part of the garden and the weather held up beautifully. Ten minutes after the event was over the sky opened up and rained buckets.

Horace and Liz

Eric's mother Jean and E. Don't they look alike?

John and Juliana, whose daughter Fleming was our flower girl. 

Kimberly and Graham told us that they were expecting Asa at this party. Annette and Kimberly got to share the joy of pregnancy together and the three of us cried tears of joy when Kim told us at this party! Snif.

Kirstie and Jamie were part of the host committee too. We loved seeing them at Hasting's birthday party earlier this summer.

Overmyer girls, Lily, May, Melissa and Daisy. Emma where were you?

Marge and Scott, who almost need their own tab on the blog they are featured so often. 

Michael and Annette came all the way from the ATL.

Ms. Redman and our darling Aunt Barbara Love

Eric and Nicoletti

Me, Kristin and Fran (our beloved priest Stuart's wife and dear friend)

Me and Rita, one of my favorite priests of all time! Oh how I miss you Rita!

Lockart (who went to school with Macker at Ole Miss) and her British date (name escapes me). 

Eric gave a beautiful toast. I was so, so happy!!!

Our buddy John yelled out, "When in doubt, Kiss The Bride!"

My godmother Mary T., Rebecca (aka Bec Bec Momma's college roommate) and Jeano

James and Khadijia, Scott (Best Man), Cherisse, Carla, Kevin and Todd (Best Man) flew all the way from LA to partake in the festivities. They have all graced the pages of this blog often. We love you all so much!!! Just wish Scott's wife Shaq had been there. :)

The Sutton's

McCall's husband Tyson and E's daddy Charles.

I have a disc with tons more photos but this gives a great snapshot of the fun we had. It sometimes feels like we've been married for twenty years, and sometimes feels like we are still newlyweds. Reflecting back we are so thankful for the generosity of our friends and the love they have supported us with throughout our marriage. 

Melissa, Dale and all the Overmyer girls, thank you so much for opening your beautiful home to us for this shower. We have so many fond memories from this magical and festive night. As well as Annette, Michael, Marge, Scott, Kirstie, Jamie thank you again and again for hosting. 

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