Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Nephew

Uncle Charlie and I had the BEST visit with Baby Nephew in Kalamazoo. We couldn't get enough of this baby boy. I love this age where he is nearly walking, can't talk but is expressive and is just a little angel.

E. looks like a giant. Love.

He waves hello which I think is hysterical. 

My brother is just as adorable as ever with his son. He woke up every morning to play with the little man before heading to work. Elise is the sweetest Mommy ever too. She runs with him daily and reads him books every night before bed. Such good habits to start early. We love Baby Nephew's auburn hair. My grandmother had red hair. Aside from his hair color he is a dead ringer for Mac when he was a baby which means he looks exactly like our Daddy as well.

Eric is such a sweet and funny Uncle.

Baby Nephew is just a little lamb and I can't stop looking at these photos. I miss his face so much it hurts. He is the only nephew on either side. Be prepared to be spoiled dear one. Just not rotten.

He was teething but was still such a good and happy baby. "Yeah, I chew my finger cuz my teeth hurt...but it's no big deal Aunt Nellie. Don't worry." 

A few girlfriends have nicknamed me the baby whisperer. Oh how I adore that title. I think it's because I'm such a crazy lady around kids that they stare in amazement. I make up little songs and the favorite of the weekend was, "Who's that Crazy Lady." We even left Mac a voice mail from the car and sang the song with a few clever improvisational lines like "Who's that crazy lady? Driving down the highway. Who's that crazy lady driving with Uncle Charlie? Missing her baby Nephew." You get the gist. Crazy! Well, Macker played the voice mail to Andrew on speaker phone and the little lamb walked to the phone and starting giggling. AH! Just warms my heart. 

Remember the sweet baby shower prizes we sent Baby Nephew in this post? Well Andrew is now big enough to play with the trucks. We brought him an early birthday present so he would have some roads for his trucks. We found this cute rug at Ikea

He dug it the most. Can't wait to get him sets of Hot Wheels to vroom, vroom all over town.

His Momma was so excited about the rug too and insisted we put it down while he was sleeping the night we arrived. 

I could have played with him all day. Look at those cheeks! I just want to squeeze em!

And he's learning to share which makes us very proud. Good job Macker and Lisey!

Coco is getting a little bit of the back seat now that there is a new addition to the family. She still gets tons of love and enjoyed her sunshine every morning.

Hey is that real? Pappy came over to visit and for the Michigan game. So did Mom, but the one great photo I took of her isn't downloading for some reason. They were playing the clapping game where Andrew makes her clap. It's adorable. I'm sure every kid does this but I just think he is the smartest kid ever!

E. is getting the hang of this.

Warms my heart how happy the little guy is with his Uncle Charlie.

We are welcoming the chill of October at Stone Hill Farm reminiscing about our fun trip home. Thanks Mac and Elise for the fun visit. We love you guys and really do want to see you, but can't WAIT to see Andrew in a few months. :) Momma and Daddy thanks for all the loot too! My gosh. We had to redecorate when we got home. Will send photos soon. Love you all!!!

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melissa said...

Oh my word, he is SO cute. Beyond cute. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with that little sweetie.